Monday, November 28, 2005


--My sister, Jennifer, and her husband, Scott, are visiting from Florida. The usually come for Christmas but his mom is fighting cancer and they live in Canada. That is where they'll be for Christmas this year. So, because we won't be seeing them then, we did a little Christmas get together early and exchanged some presents. It went over really well, but I didn't get to visit with them as much as I would have liked because Roger had to work Sunday and we had to go home. Plus the kitties had been home alone since Thursday afternoon. Busy, but the week went well.

--I'm sad. Two of my favorite radio stations have been converted. One went totally rap from a mix of today's hits and the other went from hard rock/alternative to Christian music...someone explain that switch to me...? So I started skimming through the was really depressing...there is a multitude of Christian and Country stations, but only one alternative/rock, two classic rock stations, and one mix of recent stuff to the 80's. I'm running out of options...Sheesh, I just love living in Hick-Bible belt areas otherwise known as Oklahoma.

--Well, my birthday is this friday and I just don't know if I should look forward to it or not. Two groups of my really good friends go to court on that day, and I'm guessing that will be the final decision on if the one side will ever talk to me again.

Roger did give me my present early, and he got me the Harry Potter books, 1-6, all in hard back. It cost over $100. The man loves me. He is also taking me to see Aeon Flux since it's premier in on the 2nd. I used to watch the anime on late late late night MTV years ago when they used to show them. Besides the fact that Charlize Theron is just way to damn sexy for her own good playing as Aeon (Check out the Photo Gallery). Mmmm...

So, anyways, I'm hoping my birthday goes better than I'm thinking it will.

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Thursday, November 24, 2005


--I hope everyone has a great holiday, and stuffs themselves silly. ;o)

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--I got bad news yesterday...I don't have health care. The card that I got is for family planning services only...:o( oh well, it was a good feeling while it lasted. If I get pregnant, I'll be covered for a year, heh...

--My kitties are so adorable. I decided to give them baths yesterday. So, I did Ginger first. The little one should be easier. Right? Well, she started throwing the biggest fit by crying like she was being stabbed or something. Sugar heard her, and ran into the bathroom with me wondering what I was doing to her baby. She tried to climb into the tub, she climbed on the toilet, she climbed onto my shoulders all just to see what I was doing. I think she was actually trying to make me stop "hurting" Ginger. Then it was her turn. Now she's the one trying to get OUT of the tub, jumping out and getting water all over the floor. Usually she's not that difficult, I think she was showing off for Ginger. But I just couldn't get over laughing at how she was crying because Ginger sounded like she was in trouble.

Monday, November 21, 2005


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Woo Hoo!!! :oD

Friday, November 18, 2005

New Insurance

I just found out yesterday that I was accepted under Medicaid Medical with Sooner Care Health Plan! It's a state issued insurance that pays for EVERYTHING. I'm talking doctor's visits, eyecare, glasses, dental, perscriptions....everything. The best's state issued, so there is NO co-pay. This means that I can get my $140 per month asthma medicine for free! I am so excited. I go to the Health Department for my birthcontrol pills and my yearly check-ups, and I really get along well with the receptionist there. Her name is Mary, and the last time I went in to pick-up pills she asked if I had my own insurance. I told her no, that I can't afford it. So..she hands me this paperwork to fill out and tells me that she will do what she can. This is what she did for me! Thank you Mary!! I definately owe her a big hug and a Thank You when I see her next. Such a weight off of my shoulders. I have to reapply every 6 months, but I don't see any reason why I won't continue to get it. ::Jumps up and down with excitement:: When my mom told me, I was speechless. Me...speechless...Yea, I know, hard to grasp. ::Grins like a damn fool:: :oD

Monday, November 14, 2005


--My daddy's birthday was the 12th and it was fun. I spent four hours shopping for his birthday present with Roger. He liked it, yay!

--A friend that I had not been talking to in months called me. She apologized for having been so silent for so long, but she felt it was in my best interests. I see now why, and what she means, and even agree with her. I'm just glad we're talking again. We've been catching up on things that we've missed in each other's goings on. She approves of Roger and says I got a good man with a good heart. It's the only man she's ever approved of me dating. I am just trying to be a good friend and listen to her rough spots, just as she would do and has done for me.

--Now there's another friend who has decided I'm untrustworthy and doesn't want to talk to me and could possibly be making the decision to never talk to me again. I've been trying to just be her friend, listen to her ranting, keep an open mind, and even comfort her when she needed it, because that is what good friends are for. I care a lot for her, and I care a lot about what happens to her. When I decide to care for someone, I don't just turn it off. I'm hoping that when she gets her surgery and some other things out of the way, that her negative energy will be directed elsewhere, and realize that I have been there for her all along and that I did nothing to hurt her. Roger's two cents, "Her loss," if she so chooses.

--That's enough of that for now. Today was a fairly good day. I've been down for the most part for the last two weeks with a horrid sinus and throat infection and have been dealing with some of the worst headaches I think I've suffered through if only because they've lasted for two weeks straight and no matter what I take, it just doesn't help. So...I'm still draining and on the antibiotics so I was able to suffer through my entire Clinical Teaching class this time. It was kinda fun. Then I went back to work for the first time in 3 and 1/2 months. 4 hours a day for two more weeks. It was the first time for me to even set foot in the new Hobby Lobby in Owasso...It is soooo much bigger than the other store I worked for. Anywho, my reputation preceeded me. The three people that I used to work with that actually transferred to the new store have been so excited and bouncing off the walls that I was coming back, that when I got there, people that I didn't know knew who I was. "Oh, so you're Amanda! Hello, Melinda/Collene/Wanda has been telling me so much about you." It was nice. I got a raise while I was gone. I got a paycheck that I wasn't expecting and really needed. My period ended today, which is excellent for me. I found out that I don't have any classes next week except my internship. Hmm...what else happened that was good's just too early in the morning to think....I believe I covered it all.

--I came home to a morose love of mine because he'd had a bad day at work then came home to be alone. He said he missed me because it was really the first time he'd come home to a completely empty house and had to be alone for approximately 4-5 hours.'s a really great feeling to be wanted and needed and missed. ::Grins widely like a fool:: I had no idea what exactly I was missing before I met him. I was extremely lonely and depressed because I truely felt like my life was in a hole and that I was going no where...He completes me.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Poopy and Party

--I officially have a throat and sinus infection...::cries:: I am miserable. To name a few of my symptoms: coughing, sore throat, chest, nose, and major sinus congestion, constant leaky nose, stuffy ears, headache, fever...
I've been dealing with it for over a week and finally got fed up. I went to a doctor. I hate going to a doctor when you know what's wrong with you to shell out the $50+ just for the medication to get better. I can't beat it on my own, I've been trying. Roger kept telling me there was something worse wrong because I had a constant headache for 4 days that wouldn't go away no matter what I took. So, I'm on antibiotics...oh boy...Everyone knows that antibiotics negates birth control, right? And that the reason I'm on bc is to make my monthlys not so heavy and painful...? Damn if I can't win for losing on this situation.

--I do have some photos to post from my Halloween party. It was fun, I dressed up, Roger dressed up for me, we played poker and did jello shots. Here's Me and Roger, Roger and my good friend Brian, My sister Miranda and her boyfriend Marcus, My really good friend Nathan, Nathan and his new wife Terra, My aunt Paula and Nathan's new baby Camdon.

--Also, some more random pics of Ginger, our baby kitty. Sleepy face, Cutie face, Hair is fun, Proof that Sugar likes her, and Caught Playing. I love that last pic, I just wish they hadn't shifted right before I took it. Sugie is mostly cut out, but it is still an absolutely adorable pic. I haven't been able to catch them playing when Sugie put Ginger in a headlock, but when I do, I'll share. :o)

--Ooohh...Kinky...::raises an eyebrow::


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