Monday, January 24, 2005


Stupid boys..and that's all I have to say for today

Sunday, January 16, 2005

And It Happens Again

O.K. I met Patrick on Tuesday and since then I've spent so much time talking to him. He started calling me and vice versa, and we were on the phone until 5am last night. He's just so much fun to talk to. If only, fate didn't play such cruel tricks on our lives.

I had a pretty bad day yesterday. I got out of bed, started getting ready for work and realized that it was just one of those days that I just should have stayed in bed. I had to turn in a girl that I work with because she would discuss things that just should not be discussed on the sales floor where customers and children can hear her. In private conversation with close relations is where that kind of talk is shared, not a working/business environment. Anywho, I just came home and went to bed...I was pretty upset. I mean, I don't particularly like being the snitch and getting people in troble, but something had to be done before it got worse. Some people would consider that sexual harassment and she could have gotten a suit against her or could have gotten much worse.

I am so tired, and Patrick's away at a party. So I think I may call it an early Saturday night..I have homework too that I should do soon *sighs*.

--side note-- Valentine's Day approaches closer with each passing moment, and I am yet again with no sweetheart. I have never had a Valentine/Boyfriend on the 14th, ever. So I get kinda sad when it gets closer. I know...I just get depressed easy I guess...

Thursday, January 13, 2005

A Day Just Like Any Other Day

So, Mr. California's name is Patrick. He's a 31 year old Chinese guy that I've stayed up way past my bedtime for two nights in a row talking to. It was 3:15 am before we got off of the phone. He's really sweet, but he was about to drive me up the wall talking about me baking him a cheesecake, he was just relentless with it. He has to come to visit me if he wants my cheesecake. I told him that I was going to get my H-size cup after him and beat him down if he didn't quit mentioning the cake made of cheese. PLEASE I'm begging! No more cheesecake mentioning! *pout* At least he pestered me every 5 minutes about CC and not sex like most guys pester me for. Ok, I'm exhausted I need a nap before my 5:30 class, more to add later (3:30 pm).

So I had my first Intro to Cultural Geograpy class today...oh boy...this is going to be a boooring class I think. I didn't want to take it to begin with but I had to. But I should be graduating after this semester. YaY, then on to my bachelor's. I think I'm going to like my french and literature classes though. The teacher for Lit seems really laid back and easy going, and the french teacher is going to be a good one, but strict I think. But strict is not a bad thing for a teacher to be because you'll learn more from them. OMG, I'm tired. I have to work in the morning too, time to go!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


It's way too late, but I'm up because I've been talking to a very sweet guy that I met in World of Warcraft. LOL. We talked for...well...2 and 1/2 hours or more! HeHe, oops. I'm going to regret it in the morning, but oh well. It was nice talking to a guy that doesn't pester me for sex every 5 minutes, or every other subject change...which is what Chris is doing now. He didn't at first, he was sweet, and then he got comfortable with me I I can't have any sort of conversation with him without him saying crude sexual things to me...*sigh* I get no breaks sometimes, so Mr California was a nice change. A guy called me a stuck-up cunt last night and told me I had a 'holier than thou' additude, because I wouldn't have sex with him. But that's just the way life goes i suppose. Oh well. OK going to bed now, goodnight!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

A Never Ending Quagmire

Geeze it has been a long time since I've gotte my butt in here to write...I've been stuck in that quagmire called World of Warcraft, lol. It's all Stacey's fault, not that I mind, cause I love playing the game, it's just really time consuming and you forget about all other obligations. I cancelled my City of Heroes account for it, I just couldn't afford both accounts.

Still no snow, we've now had ice and sleet and freezing rain, but no snow...*pout* everyone around us has had snow, and a lot of it too. It's just not fair, I'm convinced.

OK, what I've missed--Christmas was fun, got to see Jennifer and Scott. I miss them, but it was a good thing cause Scott looked great. No signs of his stroke. New Year's was fun, Scott and Crystal came with their kids, and our usual crowd of course. We played poker and drank a little and had a blast into 2005. I was sick(and still am), been fighting this blasted thing since around Christmas. My parents caught it, my dad's still sick as well and we think my sister might be trying to get it also. It's absolutely no fun, I wouldn't wish it on my worst nightmare...

Oh, and John started iming me again, the bastard...Telling me that his mother had died and swearing he'd changed and thought about what I'd said and all that nonsense, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and told him I'd be his friend but nothing else. Well he hadn't changed, of course, and still didn't call me at all, stood me up on New Year's (swearing he was home alone, leaving a message on my phone drunk as a skunk), then throwing in my face later "well you don't want to know what I did with my roomate" so I said "no, and I don't care what you did, it's your life..I'm just a friend remember?" Then 'Olivia' told me about him sending her poetry and hitting on her from before, when we were "dating" but she ignored him. If she hadn't ignored him he would have tried to hook up with her, that's just the way he is. So needlessly to say I basically brutally told him what I thought of him and then told him to just leave me alone that I'm sick of his goofing around and to find some other girl's heart and mind to toy with. I have been talking to this guy who has been very nice as of yet, but only time will tell for him. His name is Chris.
Anywho, my gaming group is here, I've gotta go for now.