Thursday, January 13, 2005

A Day Just Like Any Other Day

So, Mr. California's name is Patrick. He's a 31 year old Chinese guy that I've stayed up way past my bedtime for two nights in a row talking to. It was 3:15 am before we got off of the phone. He's really sweet, but he was about to drive me up the wall talking about me baking him a cheesecake, he was just relentless with it. He has to come to visit me if he wants my cheesecake. I told him that I was going to get my H-size cup after him and beat him down if he didn't quit mentioning the cake made of cheese. PLEASE I'm begging! No more cheesecake mentioning! *pout* At least he pestered me every 5 minutes about CC and not sex like most guys pester me for. Ok, I'm exhausted I need a nap before my 5:30 class, more to add later (3:30 pm).

So I had my first Intro to Cultural Geograpy class today...oh boy...this is going to be a boooring class I think. I didn't want to take it to begin with but I had to. But I should be graduating after this semester. YaY, then on to my bachelor's. I think I'm going to like my french and literature classes though. The teacher for Lit seems really laid back and easy going, and the french teacher is going to be a good one, but strict I think. But strict is not a bad thing for a teacher to be because you'll learn more from them. OMG, I'm tired. I have to work in the morning too, time to go!


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