Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Sick Again

Yea, I got sick friday with cold/flu symptoms and I'm still sick with them. Unfortunately I picked up something else as well, so now I'm really sick. All I don't have at the moment is a fever, and I'm having no fun. I called in from work again. I'm hoping my boss doesn't get rid of me since I've been sick more than a couple of times, and had to call in three times already, and I've only been there for two months. Plus I'm kinda down still about the lack of friends here in Oklahoma, and still no interest from guys, and all that jazz. It's just that time of year for me I guess...I am excited about my ideas for Christmas presents for my family. It'll keep me very busy until then, and hopefully get my mind off of being so lonely. Busy hands and mind are nature's cure for depression I guess.

Oh, and my computer is still not working...we got in the other piece that we thought was the problem, and it wasn't. So now we're waiting on a new chip to come in again...more waiting on that. Oh well, will have it in time.

I saw The Grudge Sunday with my sister, cause I couldn't convince any of my friends to go with me. It was good and creepy. I jumped several times throughout the film, even squawked once *blush* which I've never done in a movie before. I just didn't like the ending. It was a lot like The Ring in a lot of ways, except better plot and A Lot creepier. But I don't tend to like movies that end with evil prevailing and unstoppable, some examples: The Ring, Jeepers Creepers, or Dawn of the Dead.

My kitty is sick too. It's either some kind of curable disease, or kitty herpes that she was born with that isn't curable...So I pray that it's the curable one...My poor kitty, she is always sick, since the day I brought her home so it's probably the uncurable one..anywho, that's all for now. Till that time again!


Blogger Travel-Bug said...

I'm sorry your feeling so bad! I still have my sinus infection. (I don't like taking meds so it's my own body doing all the work) But alright. Al's feeling better now to.

You should go on a dating show or something :P Maybe they will hook you up with someone that's worth it. It might be fun to :P

I'm sorry about your kitty. :( They are like little kids and no one likes to see their kids sick.


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