Thursday, November 11, 2004

Brrrrrrr! *shiver*

It got cold today, not so much as the temp but more of the wind was so cold. I can't wait for it to get colder :0D I love cold weather. I have this philosophy: when it's hot outside there is only so much you can take off, but when it's cold you can do so much to get warm again ;o).

I got a hair cut today, and it actually looks nice for a change. I was pleasantly surprized. I was having troble finding a place to cut my hair that I am happy after I leave, after my stylist died in a car accident. She was so good with hair, she could give anything you wanted and you'd always be happy with it. It was a really sad thing: her and her husband had decided to wait at least five years to have children to have time to each other, well at the time of her accident she was two weeks pregnant..Things like that make me not so depressed about my situations in life, ya know?

I'm not feeling well today either. Coughing, stuffy, sore throat, etc etc. normal cold type feelings, and my asthma is kicking my ass up one street and down the other. I'm using my inhaler, but it's not helping this time...*sigh* may have to make a doctor's visit to get steroids fun! anywho, it's waaay past my bedtime gotta work in the morn. *waves* bye bye! :o)


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