Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Normal Ho Hum Day

I worked today, like I do every other day of the week. I work at Hobby Lobby now and it's a nice change from Burger King (was there for six years *gag*). It'll be getting busier now that Christmas is rapidly approaching, which is okay with me. I actually like it better at a fast pace and staying busy, makes the day go by quicker. I go to college classes twice a week also, and I am getting closer and closer to that associate's in Elementary Education. :oD Just this semester and next, and we'll see from there. yay! then it'll be onto my bachelor's. oh goody.

My sister set up a blog just for me, hehehe. We love each other, what can I say :oD. I have a birthday coming up in three weeks and two days, hehe, but who's counting. I got my new computer pieces in today, I'm excited. Once it's put together I will be able to play City of Heroes, oh yea baby!! I can't wait. I'll also be able to play uninterrupted and whenever I want, cause it's my computer, woo hoo! I'll also be able to voice chat on yahoo, which is alot of fun too.

Just a side note, I'm used to guy trobles by now, but they never stop hurting me. I'm such a trusting and loyal person that I end up getting hurt because I trust too much. But it's the way I was raised, and it'll probably never change. It's part of what makes me, ME. :oD NEways, I've got classes all day tomorrow so I need to get going on other things I wanted to do. Talk at this later, gator! ;o)


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