Sunday, January 09, 2005

A Never Ending Quagmire

Geeze it has been a long time since I've gotte my butt in here to write...I've been stuck in that quagmire called World of Warcraft, lol. It's all Stacey's fault, not that I mind, cause I love playing the game, it's just really time consuming and you forget about all other obligations. I cancelled my City of Heroes account for it, I just couldn't afford both accounts.

Still no snow, we've now had ice and sleet and freezing rain, but no snow...*pout* everyone around us has had snow, and a lot of it too. It's just not fair, I'm convinced.

OK, what I've missed--Christmas was fun, got to see Jennifer and Scott. I miss them, but it was a good thing cause Scott looked great. No signs of his stroke. New Year's was fun, Scott and Crystal came with their kids, and our usual crowd of course. We played poker and drank a little and had a blast into 2005. I was sick(and still am), been fighting this blasted thing since around Christmas. My parents caught it, my dad's still sick as well and we think my sister might be trying to get it also. It's absolutely no fun, I wouldn't wish it on my worst nightmare...

Oh, and John started iming me again, the bastard...Telling me that his mother had died and swearing he'd changed and thought about what I'd said and all that nonsense, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and told him I'd be his friend but nothing else. Well he hadn't changed, of course, and still didn't call me at all, stood me up on New Year's (swearing he was home alone, leaving a message on my phone drunk as a skunk), then throwing in my face later "well you don't want to know what I did with my roomate" so I said "no, and I don't care what you did, it's your life..I'm just a friend remember?" Then 'Olivia' told me about him sending her poetry and hitting on her from before, when we were "dating" but she ignored him. If she hadn't ignored him he would have tried to hook up with her, that's just the way he is. So needlessly to say I basically brutally told him what I thought of him and then told him to just leave me alone that I'm sick of his goofing around and to find some other girl's heart and mind to toy with. I have been talking to this guy who has been very nice as of yet, but only time will tell for him. His name is Chris.
Anywho, my gaming group is here, I've gotta go for now.


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