Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good News for a Change

Our A/C is fixed. Well, more exactly, we had to get a new unit put in. Long story short, someone that I didn't expect went to bat for us and got us what we should have gotten in the beginning before getting jerked around for over a month.

We found out that the coil was installed improperly (put in backwards) and that there was a hard start kit on the compressor. They said that the previous owners had to have been having problems with it and just got it bandaged up enough to keep it going until they could get out from underneath it. So, they effectively dumped it into our hands.

The coil was scorched and fried which in turn burned up the compressor and melted the plugs. So, when they put in the new compressor, they didn't check the coil the first time, and it just burned that one up too. When they tried the second, it started the same thing, and they thought to check the coil. It was dirty, so they cleaned it up and found all the scorches and burns. The next step was to just replace the entire unit.

So now, we have a brand new unit that is easier to keep maintenanced and most everyone knows how to work on (and is not dreaded), and they just deducted the amount from before and charged the difference (no labor or extra bloating). Luckily, we had stimulus money and it paid for the unit. So, thank goodness. We're still going to have to clean up the $318.09 electric bill, but that is all that is left of the crappy burned out unit...oh, and whatever this month's bill is.

And it couldn't have come at a better time, because we're under heat advisories all week. For some, over 100 is not hot, but it is for us.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Slide Show

Every pic I own of her...in the best order that I could.
Gone but not forgotten...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Little at a Time...

This has been very hard on me, emotionally, mentally, and even physically...

It's hard to believe she's really gone, at some points...like I just expect her to come around the corner or pop out from under the bed. Sometimes, I could swear that I heard her... I just miss her...and all her silly and sometimes annoying quirks she had. I would so love to hear her crunching on my ramen in the kitchen again...or for me to walk into my house and smell that she'd poo'ed on my floor again...or listen to her little mew and chatter for hours when there was a buggy on the ceiling...or her little chirrups she'd make when she found a spot on the floor that no one else could see...just to know she's there...

I have finally gotten to a point where I'm sad because it was so sudden and because Sugar is crying and looking for her, but not so much because I feel guilty, like "there had to be something more that I could have done for her" or "did I miss something with her because I was putting so much of my attention and energy into getting Bella well?" kind of thinking.

I plan on, at some point when I can look at her without just crying my eyes out, making a little photo slide show or something, to show a little timeline on her...but I can seem to only make baby steps, and can only do a little at a time...