Monday, August 06, 2012

The Beginning (Maybe a bit graphic)

So this is the beginning of a long journey for me. Me and my family have a long road ahead of us. I have been diagnosed with a uterine prolapse, cystocele, and possibly something else prolapsed since my last visit on Thursday. Right now we are looking at a hysterectomy as well as other surgeries to repair the other damaged/falling organs.

One thing that has been a major source of help and comfort is Hysterectomy Support by The wealth of knowledge offered there has really helped me to become comfortable with my decision to have surgery and not other non-surgical options.

Here is the link to my forum post, if anyone is interested in where my question for help started, and all the wonderful ladies that shared their help/advice.

So, to start at the beginning. Monday evening, July 23rd, I was playing at my computer, when I suddenly got a sharp pain in my side. I thought it was maybe constipation, so I took a couple of laxatives and didn't really think anything of it. Later that night/early the next morning, I was awakened by horrible pain in my lower abdomen. While in the bathroom, I felt something drop inside me and not where stuff usually drops. My first thought was, "Omg, I'm in labor and about to have a baby!" I got a mirror, and could see something coming out of me. I freaked out. Roger wanted to take me to the ER. I told him to just go to work, and if anything progressed that I'd call him and then go. After a bit of time, the horrible labor-like pains subsided a touch and I was able to get a little bit of sleep.

I thought I could just wait it out and see, but by Wednesday I couldn't handle the cramping pain I was still having. I called my OB's office to make an appointment and they talked me into making the appt with a different OB in office because my OB was booked. I took the appt and went in. This OB, who we'll call ME, did my exam and told me that I had a uterine prolapse and a cystocele and that I would probably need a hysterectomy to get the pressure off of my bladder, as well as surgery to repair my bladder. At first I was in shock, and cried a lot (My above forum post goes thru all of that). ME gave me the number for a Urogynecologist, which is a doctor that specializes in pelvic floor repair. I called to make an appt with him, and they couldn't get me in until September 5th. I called my OB's office again and told them that I couldn't care for my 20 month old and the pain I have was going to be difficult to deal with for almost 6 weeks. They told me to come back on Monday to get fitted for a Pessary. I have temporarily moved in with my mom, until I can feel comfortable with taking care of my daughter on my own again.

I went in on Monday, July 30th, and frustration city takes place. ME fits me for the wrong type and wrong size pessary, I get tossed back and forth between doctors and nurses to try and figure out what's going on, to end the visit with nothing resolved and everyone frustrated. The office manager finally came to talk to me, apologized for all the trouble, and offered to call *my* OB and get in touch with me once she finds out what Dr.S wants to do with me. As soon as I walked in the door to my mom's house, the office manager called me and told me that Dr.S wants to see me on Wednesday. Dr.S is amazing, as usual, and tells me that she can fit me with a pessary, or we can get an appt with the specialist. I told her I already and an appt, but they couldn't get me in until September. She said that she knows him personally, covers for him sometimes, and can get me in a lot sooner. I say okay. No sooner had I walked into my mom's house, they called to ask me if I could be in his office the next day. "Ask and you shall receive, sister!" she said, lol.

I saw the urogyno, we'll call him SM, and he was...less than warm and cozy. He is also telling me that I shouldn't be having pain. I'm like, okay, but I am...How do you explain to a man that you are having labor-like pains, when they've never and will never experience that kind of pain and pressure? He told me that every woman in the world, if he were to examine them all, would have some form of prolapse, so I am really no different than any other 30 year old...umm...was that supposed to make me feel better? Because it really didn't...

He fitted me with a pessary, and I go back to pick it up Friday. He wants me to try it for about 2 weeks and see if it helps. If it does, and I feel like I can deal with it then I'll go on using it until my prolapses get worse (I guess...because it doesn't fix anything, and I have to take it out eventually my problem will get worse). If it does, and I don't feel like I can deal with it, we go for surgery.

When I first found out about getting a hyster, I freaked out...I don't know how strange this sounds, but, having the decision for surgery in my hands makes me feel better about if I do take the surgery option. I feel like *I* am making that decision for myself, not being forced to take that option because I have no other choice. The thought of other women out there who've made the decision and are completely happy with it, is really helping me cope with my own decision.

Saturday evening, I felt a new bulge. My guess is a rectocele, but I called his office to let them know that I think I have something else going on now...Hopefully we get this resolved soon, so I can get a date in mind and how long I am going to have to live with my parents...


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