Thursday, January 15, 2009


It's the new year, welcome 2009. What always comes along with the change of a new year? Lose Weight Pushers. Not just on T.V., but on the Internet, in the mail, it doesn't matter. I'm surprised there isn't a "You're Fat" list out there, where LWPs can call to harass you. So, where my frustration comes from:

Have you ever watched the commercials for Gyms, workout videos, diet pills, drinks, shakes, etc.? They almost always have already thin to thinnish people in them. The only ones that have actual overweight people to help sell their plan is the Gastric Bypass or LapBand surgeries. This just makes me want to slap the people in them, not make me want to run out and buy/join their products. What if you aren't ready to go thorough a major surgery and somewhat admit defeat? Almost like you weren't good enough to get rid of it yourself..

So..where does someone who has a problem, is morbidly obese, and desperate for help, start? Do any of these LWPs give you the tools to have somewhere to start or actually help you to know what you can do to help yourself? Of course not...

What if you have other medical issues working against you as well as your size?

What if you have a very limited budget and can't afford expensive programs like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers? What if you can't afford the expensive pills (that probably don't work anyway) or workout videos (that are so taxing for someone morbidly obese, because they're made for someone who is already somewhat fit)?

What if you don't want to eat the same thing every day, like salads, or just limit yourself to just liquids? What if you really don't eat that much to begin with?

This has been an ongoing battle with me for most of my life. It is so hard for me to talk about, because I get so depressed about it, it's so hard for me to admit that I am just out of control, and the hardest part of all is for me to admit that I need help. Well...I need help...

I was getting into a good routine, and losing weight, once upon a time...then I broke my foot and was immobilized for almost 4 months. I not only gained every bit of the 30-40 pounds I'd worked so hard to get off, but I also gained more. I have problems with my foot now, it aches frequently. I can't stand or walk for long periods of time, before I really start wearing down, and I can't breathe properly because of my asthma...So...I guess my big question is...Where does someone like me start? Where can I go to get the help I so desperately need and want, without the ridicule of someone who doesn't understand my position? I get embarrassed to ask for help, I get embarrassed to ask where to start, I get embarrassed to admit I have a problem...Well, where do I go from here?


Blogger Dawn Allenbach said...

Firstly, those commercials come out because of all the people making New Year's resolutions to lose weight. They are a market supplying a demand.

Ask your doctor to recommend both a dietician and some kind of exercise. The first is because even though you may not eat much, the little you do eat can be working against you (soda, meat, carbs, etc.). The second is because you need to start a program that will not stress your existing injuries (foot) and conditions (asthma) right off the bat.

Let me know what happens.

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