Friday, October 31, 2008

Go Vote!

http://www. familysecuritymatters. org/publications/id. 1628/pub_detail. asp
I have to say that this article is really well written and that I tend to agree with most of what they said.

I got a feeling about McCain the very first time I heard him talk. He was being made fun of on a talk show because he entered the race late, and missed the first debate between the republican candidates. They thought he wouldn't go far, but boy were they wrong. I told everyone that I really liked this man, but couldn't remember his name. It finally became clear who he was, and I don't think I was wrong about him. It was one of "those" feelings, and I don't think I could go against it if I wanted to (and I don't want to).

One of my main concerns about Obama is that what he says and the company he keeps are totally different.If you don't want to be associated with those ideas and those behaviors, why continue to keep them in your company?

It is so important that you know who you're voting for, and not just the song and dance they give you.

And please don't vote for a certain person based solely on who's endorsing them! Think for yourself, do your own research, and vote for who YOU want to vote for!


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