Friday, September 26, 2008

Nerves Becoming Happy

Well, this evening was a nervously awaited time. We had another family talk and it went surprisingly well. I was so afraid of hoping it to go one way and it actually going the other. My grandmother wasn't involved in this one, because that didn't go over so well last time. We decided to get P and us all worked out before trying with her again.

I'm glad that P was willing to listen to our issues, and was really apologetic about becoming so distant and misreading some things. We worked out a plan to try and get something together that we can all agree on.

I am happy to say that the most important people in my life were there this time. My mom, dad, sister, (but not her husband because he had plans to go on a fishing trip beforehand), P, Roger and I were all willing to work past our own hurts and misunderstandings to figure out why the hurts and misunderstandings were there to begin with. There was no one being needlessly attacked or attacked for no reason, no fingers pointed, no yelling, no accusations were thrown, no tempers flared, or anything like that. There were tears shed, tight hugs made, love affirmed, some understanding became clear on some parts that weren't there before, my mom's feelings became validated, my feelings became validated, and a plan was sketched for us to work on together as a family unit for once.

I think it was the first step in a good direction for once in a long time.


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That's good to hear.

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