Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bad News

I just got the second worst news of my life..

The first was that Ginger was dying, and then had died, of heart failure.
The second was that Bella tested positive for Feline Lukemia.

We adopted Bella through Owasso Feline Rescue, and they swore that they test before they adopt out. Well..Bella got sick, towards the end of August, and our vet said she was fairly certain it was FeLu. The OFR gave us the run around for several days, until my mom just made an appointment without them, and she tested positive.

What does that mean..? Well, it means that my vet is saying to keep Sugar and Bella separated and put Bella down. She is only 19 weeks am I supposed to do that? I am at a loss...I love her so much, and clung onto her even more because of Ginger's quick passing..

I just don't know what to do..


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