Monday, February 09, 2009

What Do You Think?

I just saw a piece on World News and it got me to thinking. What do you think about legalizing prostitution? Allowing legal brothels to come and set-up shop in any major city near you?

Let me know your thoughts on this matter, and if you don't want to be known, you may post anonny or even e-mail me.

The argument was that it would be another sin tax for the city/state to collect on and of course the obvious, making it legally enforceable to keep the women tested and clean. Do you agree, disagree, not care either way?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don’t believe we should try to rationalize “sin taxes” based on government’s greed for more revenue. This issue is simply a matter of individual freedom. Whatever happens on private property, behind closed door, between consenting adults is only the concern of those individuals directly involved. Why do we assume that the nanny-state has the right to govern our privacy?

8:50 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Lol, you totally opened a can 'o worms with this one, A.

The problems with non-regulated prostitution is that a lot of prostitutes aren't exactly what you would call "willing". Most of them are drug-addicted and abused and too frightened of their pimps to ever leave and get cleaned up.

At least the prostitutes at the Nevada ranches don't have to worry about having their skulls bashed-in if they decide to quit. The only thing keeping them there is whatever psychological blocks they have which allow them to have sex for money.

11:51 AM  
Blogger Amanda said...

I didn't say yet that I agreed or disagreed with the idea, I just wanted to get some other opinions.

I heard the news cast and what some people in the state of Nevada were trying to do, and of course everyone's heard of the Bunny Ranch, with them trying to expand, and it got me to thinking.

It definately is a can of worms, to say the least, because I live in a state of stuff shirts, I know how that kind of thing would so not go over here. So, I just got to wondering what other people thought.

Anony: I don't think that "any" state has the right to govern anyone's privacy, but if they legalize sex-for-money, then that's asking them to, isn't it?
I don't disagree that whatever happens behind closed doors, with consenting adults is anyone else's business either, but if you go to a public building, isn't that making it public interest?

E: I totally agree with that thought. It would change the way prostitutes are "handled", and maybe give them a safer way to do their profession. From all the documentaries and chats on daytime shows I've seen those girls on, they seem to be very well taken care of.

And, just to be clear, I can't say that I hadn't thought about what it would be like to visit a house like that. If I had the money, I bet my husband and I would try it out. It might be fun, and no one can judge me for the way I feel about that. I think people are too prude when it comes to matters of sexual fantasies and fulfillment. Everyone has them, why deny it?

9:50 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Oh, totally...if there would've been some hot straight guy ranch back when I was younger and much more single, I would've hit the payday loan place and taken a road trip ;-)

2:43 AM  

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