Saturday, December 06, 2008

Your Yearly Dose of Christmas

Okay! It's that time! Roger and I were busy busy yesterday, getting our tree all beautified. So, now you all get unindated with tree pics!

First, I wanted to show you Year Zero. I opened the CD case and saw this:

I thought, wow, that is the most plain I've ever seen NIN do on their CDs, but whatever. I put it in the laptop, and started to play it. Then, Roger and I decided to play in on the stereo instead. So, he took it out of the laptop and we saw this:

I was like, "That's more like it!"

So, now, onto trees!

Sugar and Bella








Here's my pretty piggies:

And, finally, a video of my tree topper. It doesn't quite to it justice, but it gives you an idea:

Sorry about the clicking noise. It is actually the thing I keep the camera in it's case with clicking against the camera when I move, but the sound pick-up is so sensitive that it picks that up. You can even hear me breathing if you listen close enough, hehe.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Wrap Up

So, I need to wrap up my weekend, starting with Thursday.

I went to a family lunch thing with my mom, sister and BiL at my mom's mother's house. We ate a lot and had pie.

Then we went to my parent's house to help my mom get dinner ready. My husband came over after work, and we waited for my dad's mom and sister. P couldn't stay long because she had other plans, but O stayed. I was a little anxious about the visit, because that was the first one since Easter, but I have to say that she actually brought her cane and was pleasant company. We had a very good day.

Roger and I came home and was in bed by about 9:30, because we had Black Friday shopping plans. Well, I woke up suddenly at about 11:30 and wasn't quite sure why at first. I lay in bed for a few minutes before I realize that my pulse is beating pretty quickly and I could feel my heart crashing around in my chest. I took my pulse and it was 88. I waited for about 10-15 minutes before I actually got up and took a couple of aspirin and laid back down. The longer I laid there, the faster my pulse got. It was now in the mid-90's and I was getting pain stabs in my back, pressure in my chest and shortness of breath. By that time I started getting a little scared. I googled what was considered a rapid heartbeat, and discovered that a resting heartbeat of over 100 is elevated, so I laid back down to see if the aspirin would help. I ended up waking Roger at around 12:30 and telling him what was wrong. He got up, got dressed, and told me to call my mom. My mom said to just go to the hospital. We went, they did their tests, and determined that my heart looks good, all my blood work looks good, and they think I just had a muscle spasm. The spasm happened in my back, which caused the pain, the pain caused my heart to accelerate a little, which caused my shortness of breath, which caused me to panic a little, which caused my heart rate to top out at about 110 when we got to the hospital and my blood pressure to rise. They gave me some fluids, some type of Ibuprofen, and Morphine (which was a new experience) through the IV they started to run the blood tests. They gave me a pain killer and a muscle relaxer and sent me home.

Roger and I stayed home Friday and slept most of the day. O called me to make sure I was okay, and then again Saturday. It was nice to hear from her, and to know she was concerned.

Saturday Roger and I went to my parent's house after he got off of work. The six of us went shopping for our Christmas trees, and then had my birthday party with the gaming group. Jenn, Scott and the baby came for a little visit as well, and I was happy to see them.

Sunday Roger and I went back to my parent's house to decorate their tree.

So, that was my weekend. I'm feeling better now. I've got a bruise from the IV, and my back is sore.

Oh, and today is my birthday. How wild is that? I can't belive it's already December and that I'm 27. I don't feel 27, but I'm glad this year is almost over.

I hope everyone had a decent Thanksgiving, and a good weekend!

P.S. I wanted to talk about my birthday loot. It started with NIN tickets from my sister and BiL on November 22. It was an awesome concert! You wanna see my pics and the couple of videos I made? Go check out my Myspace page.

I got an awesome reversible coat from my parents, the second hardback Anita Blake graphic novel from Paula, water globes and NIN's Year Zero from my hubby (I'm gonna post pics of that CD, it's so neat!), measuring cups and an ice cream scoop from the McQuades, and some money and a singing card from Oma (which I am going to use to fill in my blank spots in the Anita Blake and Merry Gentry series books).

We ate yummy Red Lobster for dinner, and enjoyed the company! Overall, it was a good day.