Friday, December 29, 2006

As 2007 Approaches

I have a little catch-up to do. I have been sick since last Friday, and have been sleeping a lot to get better. I started getting sick, with sore throat, stuffiness, etc., and bought some Zicam Cold Remedy. At first, I thought it had worked, because the sore throat went away by Saturday evening, and I was feeling a little better. Then Sunday, Christmas Eve, Roger and I had a lot of running around to do, and it was cold and raining, so I think that just shot what little immune system I had left. I was pretty miserable Monday. Roger and I came home early, and I went to bed at 6pm. I slept until 10:30, undrugged, then I got up to eat a little something and took some Nyquil. I then slept until 2:30pm Tuesday afternoon. I have never slept that long in my life, but I guess I needed it. Since then, I've just felt run down, and running little low grade fevers. I've been drinking a lot of fluids, and sleeping. So, I haven't felt much like posting.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and Merry belated Christmas. Roger and I made out like spoiled bandits! hehehe... Our Christmas started Saturday. We got together as a gaming group and shared our gifts. I got a Mrs. Claus Pez dispenser from Debbie, a beautiful silver heart and amethyst necklace from my aunt Paula, lavender incense and burner from Annette, a really cute Tigger picture frame/ornament from Miranda and Marcus (that she hand painted our last name onto), a night shirt that says "Off Duty" with little gemstones from my mom and dad, and Brian decided to play White Santa, or Dirty Santa, or whatever you call it with his gifts. It was fun, and I ended up with a Gorgeous purple fairy throw that is made of the softest stuff I've ever laid my hands on. When I ended up with it, it was only because it had been taken 3 times already, and he had put the rule of 3 strikes, it's done. He also said that when he bought it, he told his wife that I would get it, and that he specifically had me in mind when he bought it. ::big grins::

Sunday, we started off at my mother's family. We didn't stay long, because we had three other houses to visit. My mom's brothers and sisters were all there. Ray and Tina, and their 9 children. Lori and her boyfriend, and her 4 kids. Dale and Kim, and their twins. etc, etc, lots and lots of family. We got a bag full of edible goodies from Ray and Tina, some money from her mother, an adorable Tigger hot cocoa set from Lori-which Roger bought me one already, so I'm going to exchange, and I got a Bath and Body works gift card from Dale and Kim (will go into detail what was bought with this later).

Then we made it to his sister, Darla's, house. We dropped off gifts, and visited for a few minutes.

Off we went again, to his grandparent's house. Most of his family was there, all except one uncle. We got a carpet shampooer, a spice rack, and some cookie sheets from his grandparents. I got a cute pair of purple gloves, a really soft red snowflake throw, a really good smelling candle, some potholders, dish towels, some black shoes, and some other miscellaneous stuff.

From there we went to my grandmother's house. I got a watch set and jewelry box, a blender, christmas socks, little KY massage oils, a coupon book, a Target gift card, and a really good thermos from my parents. I got a travel, roll up light purple throw and a beautiful purple, candle holder from my aunt, a really sweet popcorn popper (looks kind-of like this, but red, and no see through windows) from Miranda and Marcus, money from Oma (I'll go into detail what I spent this on), and Bite and the first PostSecret book from Roger.

I also got another package from Stacey, and she got me Pumpkin Pie Paradise 3-in-1 and lotion. Smells oh so yummy. "Whipped Cream Optional" hehehe.

Wednesday and Thursday, Roger and I went shopping with Christmas monies. Wednesday we went to Sam's Club, and I bought a rechargeable battery set and a huge tin of butter cookies. Then we went to Hobby Lobby and bought some discounted wrapping paper, I just love their wrapping paper! It has little cutting grids on the inside, and it's real thick-harder to tear. From there, we went to Target. We both had gift cards to spend. I bought Sims 2 Pets, and had about $18 left over. Our last stop was WalMart, of course. I bought some Christmas decorations, two candles, two CD wallets for my music, and an ornament box.

Thursday, Roger took me to B&BW. It was a madhouse in there! I got four body washes and their respective lotions and one bar of soap. $85 worth of stuff for $37, minus the gift card, I paid $22.00!! ::jumps up and down excitedly:: I got Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Sun-Ripened Raspberry, Creamy Coconut, and Plumeria. The soap is Lavender & Acacia, and it smells soooooo good. I have it on my desk, just so I can sniff it. hehehe. Then we came home and I wanted to check out the website to see if there were any gift sets on sale for cheaper. I ended up buying a perfume set, a pedicure set, and sleep socks. Roger and I may stop in again before the new year because I was eyeballing Crazy Caramel Corn. It smells so yummy, but it was a little too much for me just then. I'm hoping the sale will drop in the next couple of days.

Those places got most of my Christmas money, but I have a little left. I'm thinking of what to get next. ::big grins::

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas List

I stole this from Liz's Myspace, it's pretty entertaining:

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Birthday Update

I know I promised to update what else I got for my birthday, and I have just been sick, busy, and just plain forgetting to post it.

So, I got a really cute 3/4 sleeve shirt in a kind-of olive color and baby fishie breeding grass from my sister. Now, next time, I won't have to sit in front of the tank for hours fishing out baby fishies! Yay! I got an awesome, oober-comfy, grey Tigger sweater from my aunt, that's super soft on the inside. I got LKH's Stroke of Midnight from my friend Nathan, I specifically asked for it because it was the next one in the Gentry series that I needed, and I am now reading. I got money from my Oma, which I bought some awesome dice for myself and dice for Roger for Christmas, and a very comfy memory foam mouse pad with. My friend Brian got me a really pretty purple candle holder that is purple and white swirls. My mom's mother sent me money as well, and I bought This with it, but I only spent $14 at Barnes and Noble.

I got a package from my Stacey lady, and she bought me a beautiful part silk shawl that is the exact color of my wedding dress, while she was in D.C. My dress is sleeveless, and my wedding in March, so the shawl will be perfect in case it gets chilly.

Today, I got a cute Christmas card from E. Thank-You E!! ::hugs::

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Some days just get to know? I had a very bad day yesterday. To begin, I'll start with my good news. One of our fishies was pregnant. I hadn't even noticed, but when Roger brought it to my attention, I was afraid of her having them and I not know how to properly care for babies. I went to PetSmart and asked some questions, and promptly put her in a nursery tank. I must have been a little too late, because to my dismay, I saw the bigger fish chasing some babies around the tank. I then spent the next several hours fishing out tiny baby fishies and placing them in the nursery tank, trying to keep the other fishies, including the mommy, from eating them. My legs and knees hurt horribly after kneeling on the floor for several hours, fishing out babies, but I fished out 12. Here is a picture I took, the red ones are normal fish outside the nursery tank:

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So, because I did that, Roger and I having a big fight, and my wrist still hurting from my tumble down the stairs on my birthday, my work was late. My mom and I had a huge fight because she said some very hurtful and very untrue things to me. (I later proved her wrong in what she said, because I keep all the work that I turn in, and went over every single one....) Well that fight took nearly half the day, then Roger came home and knew something was wrong. He asked once, I told him that I didn't want to talk about it, and he left it at that, trying to change the subject and cheer me up. He kept asking me if I wanted to do other things, like watch t.v. or lay and cuddle and talk and things like that, but I was adament about working (more than usual) and I finally broke down to tell him what she had said to me. He mumbled something about knowing it had to do with my mom, and just comforted me and let me cry. She's trying to quit smoking after several decades of the horrid habit, and I guess she needed a fall guy...Yesterday it seemed to be me...

So, to make me feel better, and because Roger had banned me from the computer, I try to make the cookies that I'm going to send to my sister for Christmas. I go to measure out the ingredients, and the butter had melted on the stove, DUH! The oven is hot when preheated. I go to measure the flour, thinking I had bought all I needed, and I was out. So we had to run to the store yet again this week to get flour. I slice my thumb open with my own fingernail trying to open the flour. Bleeding everywhere, I had to first aide my thumb. I decided to call it quits for then. Roger and I had dinner, and went to bed together, (yes we just slept, I was in NO kind of mood for any hanky panky). I got up, and started to finish the cookies. I burned some, and whacked my head with the cabinet door in my attempt to close it, resulting in a huge painful knot on my forehead. My legs and back hurt even more from standing in the kitchen for over 4 hours baking cookies. The final straw to break the camel's back...I started. So Now, on top of all my other aches and pains, I'm cramping horribly and feeling cranky and depressed.

Sorry for that rant, hopefully today will go along better, despite my stupid feminine qualities.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

O Tannenbaum

Here are three pictures, as promised, of our perfect, adorable, little Christmas Tree.

The first is with flash:
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The Second is without flash, but the house lights are on:
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The Third is without flash, and without house lights:
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Saturday, December 02, 2006

And Today Is...


hehehe.. I had the greatest present of all...SNOW!!!

I got an awesome mixer from my parents, and from Roger I got an amazing, super soft, robe and a candle gift set. We are having my party next weekend, because of all the snow and ice my gaming group didn't want to get out in it, so I'll update on what else kinds of goodies I got.

However...the other part of my family didn't even call me to wish me a happy birthday...I talked to my aunt on the phone, to make sure she wasn't going to risk the weather, but she didn't say anything. And, believe it or not, my grandmother didn't even call me. My dad and I thought that was strange..

Thank you Stacey, for remembering.

So, you might ask how I spent my birthday..well, I'll tell you. First, I fell down the stairs that lead to my parents second floor. Luckily, I didn't break anything, but I'm sore and my left wrist hurts a lot. I don't even know what happened. I went upstairs to grab something that I'd printed out, and was coming back downstairs. I wasn't in a hurry, I wasn't running, I was just walking them and holding the railing even, and WHOOP! My feet whipped right out from underneath me and down I went. Everyone came running, to check on me and make sure I hadn't hurt myself majorly.

Then we went shopping for a christmas tree. We always go as a family on or near my birthday to pick out the tree. We picked out a nice big one, and Roger and I picked out a cute little one for our apartment. I'll post pictures when I get it decorated. We ate Goldies take-out, and watched movies. Overall, a great birthday.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Did I Mention...

that I LOVE Snow? or that I am getting snow so very very close to my birthday and it just thrills me to the very core of my being?

If I didn't, here's my proof. Make sure you have some time to spare. ::winks and giggles::