Thursday, December 07, 2006


Some days just get to know? I had a very bad day yesterday. To begin, I'll start with my good news. One of our fishies was pregnant. I hadn't even noticed, but when Roger brought it to my attention, I was afraid of her having them and I not know how to properly care for babies. I went to PetSmart and asked some questions, and promptly put her in a nursery tank. I must have been a little too late, because to my dismay, I saw the bigger fish chasing some babies around the tank. I then spent the next several hours fishing out tiny baby fishies and placing them in the nursery tank, trying to keep the other fishies, including the mommy, from eating them. My legs and knees hurt horribly after kneeling on the floor for several hours, fishing out babies, but I fished out 12. Here is a picture I took, the red ones are normal fish outside the nursery tank:

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So, because I did that, Roger and I having a big fight, and my wrist still hurting from my tumble down the stairs on my birthday, my work was late. My mom and I had a huge fight because she said some very hurtful and very untrue things to me. (I later proved her wrong in what she said, because I keep all the work that I turn in, and went over every single one....) Well that fight took nearly half the day, then Roger came home and knew something was wrong. He asked once, I told him that I didn't want to talk about it, and he left it at that, trying to change the subject and cheer me up. He kept asking me if I wanted to do other things, like watch t.v. or lay and cuddle and talk and things like that, but I was adament about working (more than usual) and I finally broke down to tell him what she had said to me. He mumbled something about knowing it had to do with my mom, and just comforted me and let me cry. She's trying to quit smoking after several decades of the horrid habit, and I guess she needed a fall guy...Yesterday it seemed to be me...

So, to make me feel better, and because Roger had banned me from the computer, I try to make the cookies that I'm going to send to my sister for Christmas. I go to measure out the ingredients, and the butter had melted on the stove, DUH! The oven is hot when preheated. I go to measure the flour, thinking I had bought all I needed, and I was out. So we had to run to the store yet again this week to get flour. I slice my thumb open with my own fingernail trying to open the flour. Bleeding everywhere, I had to first aide my thumb. I decided to call it quits for then. Roger and I had dinner, and went to bed together, (yes we just slept, I was in NO kind of mood for any hanky panky). I got up, and started to finish the cookies. I burned some, and whacked my head with the cabinet door in my attempt to close it, resulting in a huge painful knot on my forehead. My legs and back hurt even more from standing in the kitchen for over 4 hours baking cookies. The final straw to break the camel's back...I started. So Now, on top of all my other aches and pains, I'm cramping horribly and feeling cranky and depressed.

Sorry for that rant, hopefully today will go along better, despite my stupid feminine qualities.


Blogger Dawn said...


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Blogger Amanda said...

Heh..sometimes that's all you need, isn't it? ::hugs back:: I guess my emotions are running high right now, and I've been crying for 3 days. I hate hormones...

7:01 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I'm about there myself, so I understand.

I could have typed a novel of "comforting" words, but many times the words just don't help, ya know?

::hugs again -- just cuz I can::

3:48 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

::smiles warmly:: It's so strange how alike we are, having never met each other. If I ever had doubts about our gifts, our relationship would have dashed them to the winds.

5:35 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...


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