Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Birthday Update

I know I promised to update what else I got for my birthday, and I have just been sick, busy, and just plain forgetting to post it.

So, I got a really cute 3/4 sleeve shirt in a kind-of olive color and baby fishie breeding grass from my sister. Now, next time, I won't have to sit in front of the tank for hours fishing out baby fishies! Yay! I got an awesome, oober-comfy, grey Tigger sweater from my aunt, that's super soft on the inside. I got LKH's Stroke of Midnight from my friend Nathan, I specifically asked for it because it was the next one in the Gentry series that I needed, and I am now reading. I got money from my Oma, which I bought some awesome dice for myself and dice for Roger for Christmas, and a very comfy memory foam mouse pad with. My friend Brian got me a really pretty purple candle holder that is purple and white swirls. My mom's mother sent me money as well, and I bought This with it, but I only spent $14 at Barnes and Noble.

I got a package from my Stacey lady, and she bought me a beautiful part silk shawl that is the exact color of my wedding dress, while she was in D.C. My dress is sleeveless, and my wedding in March, so the shawl will be perfect in case it gets chilly.

Today, I got a cute Christmas card from E. Thank-You E!! ::hugs::


Blogger E. Spificus said...

You are *very* welcome :-)

2:28 AM  

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