Tuesday, June 26, 2007


You ever feel like your aura/chi/soul has been tainted by something? Well, I did. It started affecting me, making me moody and depressed. So, I decided to meditate, go inward, and slowly squeeze that "taint" out. I pushed it out of the light amber colored protection around myself (thanks D, for the amber suggestion), and continued to push it out of the darker amber colored protections around my apartment. I felt better almost instantly, and have been feeling better since.
I had my first BLT today, and it was good! I don't like tomatoes, but oddly enough the combo works out to taste really good. I also didn't used to like dill pickles either..but for some reason I've been having cravings for them. Strange...how your taste buds change.

I haven't had much to blog about recently, so I haven't even tried. ::shrugs:: I've been playing the Resident Evil games on Playstation and Gamecube, and reading a lot lately.

Last month, I started with reading Kelly Armstrong's first "Women of the Otherworld" series, Bitten. It was all right, but could have been better. My biggest problem with mankind is that they feel like they have to lie to get through life. Well, cheating is a close second, because it is made up of nothing but hurt and lies. I had problems with the moral fiber of the main character, and her ability to cheat on her boyfriend, that she supposedly loves, and not feel guilty. It bothered me every time the author went into a sex scene, because none of them involved the main's boyfriend. There are seven, almost eight, in that series, and hopefully they get better, since every other one or so is about a different main character.

Then I read Dean Koontz's Whispers this month. It was good, but not one of my DK favorites. Watchers and The Vision were probably two of my favorites with Strangers and Hideaway close behind.

Finally, I started Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan series sometime last week. I zipped through the first two (Dead Witch Walking and The Good, the Bad, and the Undead) in less than a week, and I am already halfway through the third (Every Which Way but Dead). I am really enjoying her writing style. The editors aren't that great...quite a few typos - the wrong words, spelled correctly so a spell checker wouldn't catch them, are used and then the sentence or paragraph doesn’t make any sense; however, the main character is likeable and the plot addictive. She reminds me of early Anita Blake (as in Guilty Pleasures), before the sex took over. I love one of the secondary main characters who is a pixy named Jenks. He had me rolling by the third book. The scene with a very famous and popular warlock rock star named Takata made me want to wet my panties. It started with:
" 'Holy crap!' the pixy exclaimed. 'You're Takata! I thought Rachel was pissing on my daisies about knowing you. Sweet mother of Tink!' "
He forgot his name when Takata was signing an autograph for him, and then just started making a choked gurgling sound afterwards. Rachel, narrating, said:
"There was another choked gurgle from Jenks. I wondered if he would recover enough to make more than that ugly sound."
Then Takata got around to asking Rachel for her services and told her about who referred him to her. Once she finally understood who it was, Takata said:
"He grinned. 'You do know him.' He glanced at Jenks, quivering and unable to open his mouth. 'I thought he was pissing in my daisies.' "
The fourth book is titled A Fistful of Charms and the fifth is For a Few Demons More. If you haven't read them, and you enjoyed early Anita, I suggest you try them out. I'll update again once I've read the other two and the short story in the book Dates from Hell, about the third secondary main character named Ivy.

Hope you all are healthy and doing well.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

So Much Going On!

Okay, so..I haven't posted since I got home from the cruise. There has been so much going on since, and I haven't been able to take some time to blog about it.

The cruise ended on the 27th, and we drove home that same day. We got off of the ship at about 9am and were headed out of Galveston by 10am. We were in Tulsa by 7:30pm, and Stacey left for home. It was raining a little bit, but not too bad, just little scattered showers. My sister called and told me they were kidnapping me on Wednesday, so I did a little work and just had enough time to rest up a little before then. Wednesday, my mother and sister picked me up and we drove to Tahlequah. We had a little bachlorette party for Miranda in a hotel room there. We gambled in the Cherokee Casino, and played pool and Foosball at Ned's, a little local bar. I didn't get any sleep because my mother snores so horribly. Thursday we checked out of the hotel, drove back to Tulsa, and then did all the shopping for Miranda's wedding food. Friday, I had just enough time to get some stuff packed up, and wait a little for Roger to come home from work before we had to head out to the camp for the rehearsal dinner and bridal shower. We didn't get to bed that night until after Midnight. Then Miranda and Marcus got married on Saturday. The wedding and reception went really smoothly, unlike mine ;o) Roger and I didn't get home that night until 11pm. Sunday, we met my family for lunch and a surprise baby shower for my sister Jennifer and her husband Scott. That was a lot of fun, and they had no idea. We got home, but I don't recall when because I was so exhausted, we just went to bed.

So that brings me to yesterday. We finally got around to doing the laundry from the cruise and that was a lot of clothes. I wasn't feeling well because I felt so tired and my muscles were so sore. I just figured the my body needed to catch up from everything that's happened over the last two weeks, and I was sore from all the work and cleaning I did at the wedding and my dad and I did a little hiking to look for a good fishing spot. Roger and I went to Walmart to catch up on our shopping, and we hadn't eaten yet. I was getting nauseous by this point, and I thought it was because it was 3pm before we got around to thinking about food. Roger and I got a burger and fries split them when we got home. I laid down on the couch, and covered up because I was suddenly very very cold. I watched a movie, while Roger finished the laundry. I was still cold, despite the thick quilt I was buried under, so Roger covered me up with another layer. My stomach started knotting up worse, cramping and I was on the verge of vomiting. I went to the bathroom, and realized this was not normal chills I was getting. I took my temperature, and it stopped at 99.9. So, there was no telling how long I was running a fever as well. The burger didn't help my stomach, it made it worse....go figure. Roger finally convinced me to take some Pepto and Tylenol, and come to bed with a trash can in tow. We watched Flushed Away together (funny funny movie, btw. I *loved* the slugs) and I lost everything I'd eaten over the past 2 or 3 days I think. I felt horrible. My stomach was doing complete 360's, my entire body ached from the top of my head to the tips of my toes, my entire body was also burning up, and by now I was topping at a 101.4 degree temperature. I wasn't thinking clearly, because I was just miserable. After vomiting, I broke out in a sweat over my entire body and from then on I battled hot and cold flashes but not breaking my fever. I kept trying to keep some liquids down, and I tried water, Sprite, and peppermint tea. I found that the Sprite actually worked, and took some aspirin. A few hours later, my fever still hadn't broke, so Roger convinced me to take some Tylenol PM's. They helped me to sleep, despite my discomfort, and Roger said it was like crawling into bed with an oven. I remember waking up several times during the night, still miserable, hot, nauseous, and sweating all over. I think sometime this morning, between 5am and 9am, my fever finally broke completely. I'm still pretty run down, I have a horrible headache, and still a little nauseous but significantly better then yesterday. My mom called me today, to ask if I was feeling any better, and told me that I would have needed to go to the hospital if I'd reached 102...well, I was like .5 away from that...

So anywho...I'm going to go back to bed for now, hope everyone's last couple of weeks passed with no consequences. ::hugs::

**Okay, so it's now 7am on June 6th from when I posted above. My fever came back and stayed at a constant 99.4 over last night. Then this morning, it started going back up again and is now at 100.3. I am calling the doctor as soon as they open, 8am, and making an appointment. Hopefully he can help me sort this thing out...

**It is now 9am on June 7th and my fever finally broke last night. I feel much better, and actually cancelled my doctor's appointment! Yay!