Thursday, August 09, 2012

No Comprehension

I was reading over the forums on HysterSisters, and came across this one. Reading all of these different stories that all sound the same made me really wonder why a doctor, who's main profession is this exact problem, can't believe that I have pain with my prolapses. I can not have been the first woman, to come to this doctor, and tell him that I am experiencing how come he treated me like I was? There are several others who say their doctors told them the same, but really? If I shouldn't be, then why do I? From all the ladies' stories I've read so far, all of them regretted waiting to do the surgery because the pain they felt from surgery was in pale comparison to the pain they felt from the prolapses and they felt a thousand times better afterwards.

I'm to a point now where I just want to get on with it...I'm tired of all this waiting...


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