Monday, November 14, 2005


--My daddy's birthday was the 12th and it was fun. I spent four hours shopping for his birthday present with Roger. He liked it, yay!

--A friend that I had not been talking to in months called me. She apologized for having been so silent for so long, but she felt it was in my best interests. I see now why, and what she means, and even agree with her. I'm just glad we're talking again. We've been catching up on things that we've missed in each other's goings on. She approves of Roger and says I got a good man with a good heart. It's the only man she's ever approved of me dating. I am just trying to be a good friend and listen to her rough spots, just as she would do and has done for me.

--Now there's another friend who has decided I'm untrustworthy and doesn't want to talk to me and could possibly be making the decision to never talk to me again. I've been trying to just be her friend, listen to her ranting, keep an open mind, and even comfort her when she needed it, because that is what good friends are for. I care a lot for her, and I care a lot about what happens to her. When I decide to care for someone, I don't just turn it off. I'm hoping that when she gets her surgery and some other things out of the way, that her negative energy will be directed elsewhere, and realize that I have been there for her all along and that I did nothing to hurt her. Roger's two cents, "Her loss," if she so chooses.

--That's enough of that for now. Today was a fairly good day. I've been down for the most part for the last two weeks with a horrid sinus and throat infection and have been dealing with some of the worst headaches I think I've suffered through if only because they've lasted for two weeks straight and no matter what I take, it just doesn't help. So...I'm still draining and on the antibiotics so I was able to suffer through my entire Clinical Teaching class this time. It was kinda fun. Then I went back to work for the first time in 3 and 1/2 months. 4 hours a day for two more weeks. It was the first time for me to even set foot in the new Hobby Lobby in Owasso...It is soooo much bigger than the other store I worked for. Anywho, my reputation preceeded me. The three people that I used to work with that actually transferred to the new store have been so excited and bouncing off the walls that I was coming back, that when I got there, people that I didn't know knew who I was. "Oh, so you're Amanda! Hello, Melinda/Collene/Wanda has been telling me so much about you." It was nice. I got a raise while I was gone. I got a paycheck that I wasn't expecting and really needed. My period ended today, which is excellent for me. I found out that I don't have any classes next week except my internship. Hmm...what else happened that was good's just too early in the morning to think....I believe I covered it all.

--I came home to a morose love of mine because he'd had a bad day at work then came home to be alone. He said he missed me because it was really the first time he'd come home to a completely empty house and had to be alone for approximately 4-5 hours.'s a really great feeling to be wanted and needed and missed. ::Grins widely like a fool:: I had no idea what exactly I was missing before I met him. I was extremely lonely and depressed because I truely felt like my life was in a hole and that I was going no where...He completes me.


Blogger Travel-Bug said...

Awwwww -makes kissy noises- I don't even get to see you when you talk about him, but I can tell you glow. Am so happy that you finally found a man that wasn't a complete ass to be with. Just gently remind him that I will come after his head if he hurts you.

3:45 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Yea, I know I do. Just thinking about him makes me smile. :oD awww..! ::girly giggle::

And no one is happier than I am about finding a man with a good heart for a change.

And you wouldn't be the only one to do so...but I'm almost 100% sure that he won't do that to me. :o)

3:02 PM  

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