Sunday, October 09, 2005

Stolen Name

I just had to...and Lynlee's turned out better.
Abhorrent Maiden-Abducting Nightmare from the Dreaded Abbey
Ravenous Ogre from the Gloomy Enchanted Ruin


The Death Card

You are the Death card. Death is a stage in the cycle of life. Without death, there would be no room for new things to grow. When you receive the Death card in a tarot reading, fear not; Death is only an indication that transformation is about to occur. Death allows us all to evolve by removing that which is no longer needed. The end of one cycle makes way for a new one. Old behaviours and patterns which have tied us down are released. Death cleans house so that we don't have needless drains on our energy. In Death's ruthless destruction there lies compassion. Image from: Danielle Sylvie Taylor
Which Tarot Card Are You?

Why do I do this? ::laughs:: You need to stop the madness, Lynlee!! :ob

You are a - Neutral Sheep! Congrats - you do what you like!
You make your own rules, not follow the flock!
Which flock do you follow?


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whats up!

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Oh, come on! You KNOW you wanna know what kind of yarn you are, silly!

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