Sunday, September 18, 2005

Toothaches and PMS week has been a busy and painful one.

--It started Tuesday morning when Roger told me he had a toothache. He was supposed to come to my house that evening after work to stay with me and I asked if he just wanted to go home. He said no, and that he still wanted to come over. Apparently, during the day, his toothache had gotten much worse and came over to my house in extreme pain. My mother and I tried everything under the sun we knew to try to kill the pain long enough for him to sleep so I could take him to a dentist in the morning. Finally something worked (I think it may have been the Tylenol PM) and he went to sleep. Wednesday morning we called around, found a dentist that took his insurance, and made him an appointment. It wasn't until 1pm so we had to keep him occupied so he would not think about it for two reasons: 1) his teeth still really hurt and 2) he really hates all forms of doctors and gets really nervous (I told him that is something he is going to have to get over or we are going to have fights about that). I took him in and waited for close to 4 hours. They had given him something strong (probably morphine) and pulled two wisdom teeth on the right side, top and bottom. He is supposed to go back in a month to get the other two pulled. Anywho, I took him back to my place and he was bleeding pretty freely. I was worrying and freaking out, of course, and my mom helped me to take care of him and get the bleeding stopped. He was loopy and in pain (after the numbness wore off) for the rest of that day, the whole day Thursday, and most of Friday.

--Well...I have two abnormalities that are genetic when it comes to my "time of the month". One of them being what my doctor called Dysmenorrhea, which causes extreme menstral cramping and very heavy flow (I'll go through close to an entire box of 40+ tampons just in one period). The other comes as a part of that, and causes extreme mood swings. My temper rages, I become mega bitch-saying the most hurtful things I can think of at the time for no reason, and then cry for hours because I am really depressed or I hurt someone's feelings by what I said. I've tried medicine for the mood swings, it was created for what used to be called P.M.D.D. (PreMenstrual Dysphoric Disorder), and it was called Sarafem. I still think I have pmdd as well as dysmenorrhea, but I had a reaction that I didn't too much care for to Sarafem and I have just dealt with the effects of my genetic P.M.S. abnormalities. Anyways, worrying and stress can not only hold off the actual starting of my period, but can also compound the cramps and make them much worse. Because I spent the first part of what was starting to be my cycle worrying about my love, the bleeding stopped until he was better and I stopped worrying, and the cramps....Oh my God....I don't think I've ever had cramps this bad. My whole entire abdomen hurts, and was in tears from the pain. Nothing I took helped (Midol, Advil, Tylenol), hot showers and heating pads didn't help, and it was semi-dibilatating. He felt absolutely helpless and to tell you the truth, so did I. The cramps started Friday evening until about 3:30-4am when I finally fell asleep, and I'm still cramping today. Vitamin E, Zinc and Calcium are going into my daily diet from now on, because they are supposed to help ease cramping when used on a regular basis, so we'll see about that.

--So, that was my fun week. All in all, I believe we were/are glad to have had each other to lean on and whine to, to be babied when in pain even if neither one of us could really help the actual matter. He kept telling me he loved me, how much he cared for me, how much he appreciated me, and how much it meant to him that I was there for him. It is really a wonderful feeling to actually be appreciated by someone you love and care about, and it is totally new to me. I've never been appreciated by any of my other relationships. I feel euphoria, even after this painful week. :oD


Blogger Lynlee said...

Sorry you had a rough week. Hope you are both feeling better!

11:46 AM  
Blogger E. Spificus said...

Are you on birth control? I used to have really bad cramps and various symptoms but being on the pill pretty much got rid of everything.

4:15 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

I am actually...I have been since I started having periods. They were really very irregular, I never knew when I was going to start, and the cramping and flow was much much worse. They've helped with that much at least: making me regular and somewhat tamed the rest a touch. It's kinda sad really because I take the pill for health issues, and don't use it for sex issues. My mom keeps telling me that if I would just have sex I'd feel better.::laughs::

7:36 AM  
Blogger E. Spificus said...

Jeez, I want your mom. Mine things sex outside of marriage results on AIDs and burning in hell...

6:19 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

You wouldn't be the first person to tell me they wanted my mother, ::laughs:: she seems to be very popular. ;o)

6:01 AM  

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