Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sometimes There Are Good Days Too

Woo woo! I've been having a pretty crazy weekend. Ups and downs, lemme just say. Bad news, good news, bad news...anywho.

--First Bad: I found out Thursday from the specialist that I get yet another 4 weeks in the boot and no work. If it's not better in 4 weeks, I will have to have surgery on it. He wants to go in and put in a screw in the bone to force it to heal together. I was not a happy camper.

--Good: R ((Roger is his name since we're now dating, I have to brag :o) )) asked me to be his girlfriend!! Yay!! I'm happy, I like him a lot and I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual. I stayed the night with him last night and he was the complete gentleman. I won't go into detail, but I was there all night and all we did was cuddle, hold hands and kiss. :o) It was a great change. I fell out of his bed, and hurt my foot again, but I had a great time otherwise. I will go into more details a little later, when it's not after 7am.

--More Bad: I am coming down with something. I hope to God that I didn't give R anything..I have a sore throat, real stuffy-head and chest, stomach issues. He says it doesnt' matter, and that I'm worth getting sick over, but I still hope that I didn't give him anything. Damn seems sometimes, like I'm never well. My foot hurts considerably again, and I just want that bullshit dealt with first before I go possibly running fevers, and such. :o( Oh well, at least I can whine about it ::laughs:: I'm such a whiner. :oD


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You pimp, you! Good luck with the boy :-)

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