Monday, August 15, 2005

What If They Don't Know...?

--Well, I had a doctor's appointment today to ask some questions about where I hurt, and the painful sensations I've been having. He took some x-rays and actually showed me where the break is, and it's no where near where I'm hurting. I know that doctors don't know everything, but when your doctor tells you, "I just don't understand why it hurts there"....then I start to worry. I have an appointment with a foot specialist on the 25th and he said to just see what the specialist says about it. Until then, I won't be working. Sitting on my rear for another week and a half...:o(

--I've been talking to a real sweet guy, R, for a little while now. He contacted me off of yahoo personals, we exchanged yahoo ID's and started talking. When it comes to trying to make friends, I can be really shy. It is part of me being non-assertive; However, when I chat online, I'm not shy at all and can be who I want to be. It's meeting in person, either face to face or on the phone, that I'll be shy. Well, the funny thing is, he's shy as well. So we just talked online for the longest time and my sister got impatient on waiting for me to tell him my number or him to tell me his, so she booted me off the computer the other night and had a chat with him. She did the bratty sister thing and took over by giving him my cell and home phone numbers. Well, we had a real awkward moment after that and he said, "well, I guess since we're both shy..someone had to step up" and he gave me his number. We've talked on the phone once, and we were both pretty quiet but it seemed to go really well. He sounded different than I thought, he had a deep voice, and sounded pretty cute :o). He said, "It's strange how I feel like we're best friends online, but strangers otherwise..." He seems to like me, and since he contacted me he should be okay with my...busty body style. My mom's first question was, "So he's okay with you being overweight?" Isn't that nice of her? :o/ Anywho, I told him that before he likes me too much, I think we should talk on the phone more often, or actually meet in person and he agreed. I told him that I didn't want to come across as too needy or pushy, cause that's what John and Nick told me I was. I also liked the way things were going real slow, giving us both time to feel each other out (strictly in a mental/emotional sense), get to know each other, and work out a form of trust and friendship.

--I got my vegas pictures developed finally. I don't know why I say vegas pictures, because there aren't any of vegas....::shrugs:: I'll have one of The Grand Canyon, maybe one of Zion Canyon, and a couple of Bryce Canyon scanned and posted as soon as I feel I can make it up the stairs to do so. So it won't be much longer, I hope. :o)


Blogger Lynlee said...

"giving us both time to feel each other out (strictly in a mental/emotional sense)"

Oh, c'mon! Physically is WAY more fun! lol

J/K of course (well, not really, but... you know what I mean!). glad things are going well and hope that the foot doc can give you some answers!

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