Thursday, August 11, 2005

It's Painful

--Well...I haven't even finished out the week working 2hrs/day and I'm in so much pain I was in tears by the end of my 2 hours today. My jack-ass manager comes up to me and says, "Oh, you wanna hear some good news? I talked to risk management yesterday and they say I can get you a stool to sit on and then you can work longer shifts." I looked at him incredulously seeing as how I've told him how much pain I'm in. I told him that I'm not so sure about that and that I'd call my doctor. I'm waiting on the verdict. I went and looked at the new schedule....I about passed out. I'm having a hard time keeping on my foot for 10 hours a week....40 hours scheduled next week...I didn't even work 40 hours when I was not hurt, what the hell makes him think I can do that many hours on a broken foot?! He's obviously never had a broken bone before. He's such an asshole, scheduled me to close next saturday even. How the hell am I supposed to close the store when I can't even walk around it? Anywho..being in pain all these last 4 weeks has really made me irritable and cranky and I hate it. I cried in front of my sister's new boyfriend, I cried on my way home from work and I cried at work...I feel like a whiner and a baby. I took everything off of it and's swollen again, how nice. The doc put me on a new medicine called Tramadol. I've never even heard of it, so we'll see how it affects me.
--Just a quick side note..You think you know some people...and you get slapped in the face. I read some e-mails yesterday from someone I thought I knew really well...and it made me want to cry. How can someone you trusted so much, talk so ugly? Makes me sad to think that I chose that badly once again.
--Some bad news, not that I'm chalk full of good news right now and real happy-go-lucky but I felt the need to share. Yesterday I had a really bad day. I woke up really hurting (as if that is a new one); On my way to work I almost got run over by an old dumbass talking on his cell phone and not paying attention to the road, my horn blaring or my little car quickly running out of side road space, that really set me on edge reminding me of the accident I had in Kansas not too long ago, I just knew it was going to happen again (I'm okay, was just shook up); then I come home to find out that one of my online friends was hit by a drunk driver and broke 59 bones, and a good guy friend was attacked on his way home from work, his attackers were dressed in all black and attempted to mugg him, but since he didn't have anything worth taking they beat him. He said it's the worst beating he has ever had. ::shakes her head:: I guess I wasn't the only one having a bad day yesterday. Anyone else have a bad day yesterday August 10th, 2005?


Blogger Lynlee said...

What a jackarse of a boss! I hope they can help you work out a better situation than that.

Don't know what to say about the emails you read... {hug}

Hope your friends heal quickly! How scary! I'm also glad that you are okay! I'm glad I was basically stuck in the house yesterday...

11:15 PM  
Blogger E. Spificus said...

::pat pat:: Poor Amanda. You need to drink some hot tea and read a nice, fluffy romance novel. I recommend one I'm reading right now, "Hot Stuff" by Flo Fitzpatrick. So far, it's like a cross between Indiana Jones and Bridget Jones Diary.

5:25 AM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Lynlee--The doctor gave me another week off, so I hope that helps. I'm going to see him again Monday and WC is considering the possibility of seeing a specialist. :o/

There really isn't much to say about it, but thank you. I needed the hug. :o) ::huggles::

The female(dd hit) is basically on a constant drip from something really strong, she said she doesn't feel much, and the guy(mugger hit) is on his way to Korea for 2 weeks to visit friends, so I think they're okay. It's just scarey.

E--That's funny. I liked them both as movies, so maybe I'll check it out. Unfortunately on the new pain med I was prescribed, I can't concentrate on jack shit. :ob I space out really really bad, it's the strongest loopy affect from a drug I've ever had, but it seems to help. I was trying to read Laurell K. Hamilton's series about the Sidhe and Merry Gentry. I got to the second book, Caress of Twilight, and haven't been able to concentrate on anything past my nose :ob

11:46 AM  
Blogger Amanda said...

I thought of another idiosyncrasy, Lynlee. Dirty Feet. I can't stand to have dirty feet or even sticky fingers, but the feet more than anything. If I had dirty feet and couldn't wash them, I think I'd go nuts. :ob

11:52 AM  
Blogger E. Spificus said...

Amanda--I just finished reading the latest Merry Gentry. That woman sure knows her kinky hard-core porn...

3:04 PM  

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