Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mmmm...Vanilla Creme Mini Wheats..

--Just thought I'd share my thoughts on that, since I had some earlier. :ob

--My older sister, Jennifer, graduated with her master's and we were going to go to the graduation, but since I broke my foot and wrecked the only car that would have made it...we couldn't make it, to our regrets. She did send us some pictures that I thought I'd share:
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--I really hope the specialist can shed some light on why I still hurt so much, even after almost 5 weeks...I dread taking a shower now...and I am having the hardest time sleeping (if you didn't notice the post time, well after 6:00am), I practically have to drug myself just to sleep.

--R wants to meet in person now, and I have to admit I'm nervous. I get shy and lock up in face to face meetings with new people. I know that may be hard to believe from those that know me well, but it's the truth (I don't know if you can remember back about 4 years ago when you were still pg with Pax, Lynlee (::hugs::), but that's the first time I met you, and I acted that way. I can still remember where it was, and who was there, is that sad? :o) ) Anywho, I think we decided on him coming to my house since I'm an invalid and my wonderful, outgoing, icebreaking mother can fill in the silent spots if we both clam up. :oD Yay mom!

--Update on Tramadol (Ultram), the stuff makes me quite literally high. I've never been high in my life, and it's very very strange for me. It does work, or seems to. Maybe I'm just too high to care, ::laughs::. It works better than the other stuff he gave me, Lortab or Darvecet.


Blogger Lynlee said...

Congrats to your sis!

Good luck with the boy. I hope it goes well. Just be yourself and I'm certain everything will go well. Pretend he's me - we don't have any problems talking!

I don't really remember meeting you the first time... In my defense, I went to OC a LOT. Al, Kev, and I went several times a weeks at least and then we went with a crowd at least once every other week, it seems. We were there enough to be on a first name basis with the staff. They all tend to blend together. I remember you more from hanging out at Morgan's. You were pretty quiet there in the beginning...

Don't have too much fun with the happy pills!

10:32 AM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Pretend he's you...::laughs:: I think that would be even stranger. Are you saying you want me to have a crush on you? Hehe. :ob

No, it's okay. I didn't expect you to remember me the first time. I'm a shy and a mostly forgettable person. Yes, I was very quiet at Morgan's parties...I'd never partied before that, they were my first and I didn't know what to do or even how to handle them. Plus I had a huge crush on Gabe (::laughs::) and I really had a thing for Al (ya I know) and I always clam up around guys I like.

Awww!! Why can't I enjoy being High? :ob

8:23 PM  

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