Wednesday, August 31, 2005

::Girly Giggle::

--It's been so long since I had a decent boyfriend that I've forgotten how good and happy it makes me feel. He is such the sweetheart! He tells me I'm beautiful, that he's addicted to me and wouldn't know what to do if we went a day without talking, that he cares more for me than he ever has for anyone else, that he doesn't want to get off of the phone with me and doesn't want me to leave when I'm at his house, he respects me and my wishes about sex (since I don't have it), and he doesn't push the issue and try to talk me, coax me, or guilt trip me into it. He's had many opportunitites to take advantage of me if he wanted to (cause I wouldn't have been able to say no to him at the time ::laughs::) but he maintains. ((I'm taking a moment to ever have something hurt so good? :ob ::touches the bruises on both sides of her neck::)) He gained my trust, and that is a really hard thing to accomplish. He knew that he didn't have my full trust until today (we've been showing interest in each other for about three weeks, dating for about one week) and he was perfectly okay with that. He said he knew I'd give it when he'd earned it and I'd let him know when that was. It's scarey for me because I trust him with me, and that gives him the upper hand in a way and the capabilities to hurt me pretty significantly if he wanted to...he assures me that he won't ever hurt me, and I want to believe him. I said he got the shaft end of the deal because I've been through so much with guys already and I'm emotionally damaged, which makes him have to work twice as hard...he said he felt lucky to find me and to have someone care a lot for him, that I'm worth it. I do care a lot for him, and I feel lucky to have him. He's shy around my family and gaming group, but he said he'd try to warm up around them for me. He was really shy around me for a while but finally warmed up, and now we talk on the phone for 4+ hours if I'm not at his house. Ever heard the song by Nickelback, "Feelin' Way Too Damn Good"? (If you have Yahoo! you can view the video and hear the song here) That's kinda how I feel when I get so happy over someone else :ob. He is just about everything I said I wanted..kind, caring, considerate, will be loyal, likes me for who I am not what I look like, I'm attracted to him (believe it or not I've dated some that I wasn't attrated to, and it's important to be attracted ::shrugs::), and sex is not a major importance.

--Thank you Lynlee for the adorable purple coin purse! I got it in the mail while I was at Roger's house and no one in my family told me I'd gotten it in. ::laughs:: I just found it today on my own. I was just teasing you about wanting one, I thought the one you made was adorable but now I have one of my own!! woo hoo! ::grins:: :oD And by the don't have to thank me for that, lady. You are a really good friend of mine and that's what friends are for.. :o) I am here for you for anything you need, okay?

--My classes are gonna be rough with trying to juggle them gonna be three times a week, dealing with my stupid not healing foot, and a "new toy" (hehe, just teasing you Roger). I will have to make due, I usually do.


Blogger Lynlee said...

That was so sweet it nearly made me vomit. But, then, you know I'm not a romantic...

And I'm glad you received the little bag... I sent it a while ago and was wondering if it just got lost in USPSland. Glad you like it!

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