Thursday, September 08, 2005


--I had to take a note from E and turn on the verification thing. I'm sorry about that guys. Stinking random stupids leaving nonsense comments. What exactly does my blog have anything to do with someone's genealogy? Gah.

--I'm at Roger's apartment right now, he's at work. The poor boy lives alone and doesn't have some things that you take for granted sometimes. It's hard to cook when there are no spices, almost no pots or pans, not a whole lot to bake with, no dish soap...::laughs:: I guess he just needs a girl's touch to the kitchen. I went shopping yesterday to at least get a baking dish to make dinner in and the stuff I wanted to cook with. My mom said I'm going to spoil him, heh, isn't that a good thing? He spoils me too...he says I'm beautiful...I've never had anyone outside family tell me I'm beautiful and mean it, it's a great feeling, makes me actually believe him.

--I've been having some trouble sleeping lately, and I'm not sure why. I suppose maybe my genetic-running insomnia might actually be catching up with me. I especially have trouble when I'm with Roger. You would think having someone who cares about me and loves me cuddling with me while he sleeps would help me sleep..but no, I just lay there for hours on end trying not to move and wake him up. On the off chance I do fall asleep, I sleep for no more than 3 hours, if I'm lucky, and any slight movement from him wakes me up...and I mean like the wide awake, no-hope-of-falling-back-asleep-anytime-soon kind. It's not his fault I'm having bouts of insomnia, but he feels bad for me all the time. I don't know what to tell him, except that there isn't anything he can do except be patient and understanding (which he has been thus far). Heh, there used to be a time when I was working and on my days off I would not have even dreamed I was up before noon...


Blogger Lynlee said...

Hugs, hon. Hope you start getting some sleep soon!

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