Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Mon Cheri

Okay, so I haven't ranted about my sweetie in a while and I'm having withdrawls. ::Laughs:: He is so good to me..

--We went out Friday night with my aunt, my sister and her beau. We had tickets to do some spookwalks at the Haunted Castle of Muskogee and we've done it for the past like 5 years. It was kinda lame this year, and trying to limp around in my stinking walking boot was interesting. Anywho, he'd never been to any kind of spookwalks before, so I dragged him along. It probably won't be the last one I drag him to either, ::evil grin::. We had fun.

--After going back to his apartment I had some major issues with some things, the really loud thunderstorms not helping much (I don't do well in thunderstorms at night), and cried hard (you know the kind that makes your nose run consistently, gives you strange hiccup like things and makes your eyes all sorts of puffy the next day?) until about 5:30am. We had gone to bed and he had fallen asleep at about 3:40am while I was crying. I wasn't upset about that though because I just wanted him to sleep and not have to suffer through my issues until wee hours of the morning. I got out of bed and went in his living room to just sit on the floor by his balcony to listen to and watch the rain (it had become rain for a little while, and I actually love the rain. I just don't do well in thunderstorms at night), it helped soothe me just a little (his balcony doors are the only real windows that you can sit next to in his apartment). Then at about 4:30am he came out of his bedroom looking for me, brought his pillow and blanket, and cuddled up next to me on the floor. He tried talking to me first, but I wasn't much responsive. Then he tried hinting at me that he wanted me to scoot closer to him so that he could actually hold me (the way I was sitting, he couldn't do so until I moved first), but I still wasn't much responsive. Then he looked at me real seriously, and said, "Do you just need to be alone?" in a sort of pained tone, like the actual thought of leaving me out in his living room, crying, would hurt him...I just cried and cried and hugged him so tightly...He started comforting me, holding me, and telling me that no matter what happened, we would work things out together and that he wanted to be sure I knew he was here for me no matter the complications.

--So that sort-of brings me to a little thing he did Sunday night (the night we went to Serenity, just to keep things straight). I have been just letting him go to bed and then I join him when I start getting sleepy because he goes to bed early to go to work at 6am. **Let me make a note here, because I'm not sure if I've mentioned this little tid-bit of information about my love before: He talks to me in his sleep. He goes to the bathroom, drinks, eats and god knows what else he does while he is asleep.** Well, I had just gotten comfortable when he sat up for no reason, not looking in my direction. I asked him if he was doing okay so he actually turned towards me. He settled down again, said, "I'm doing okay. How are you doing, baby?" Then he started to cuddle up real close to me while I replied, "I'm doing good," and he responded, "Well that is all that matters," then fell silent again, still cuddling me. I swear he was asleep during this conversation. When I told him the next morning he thought it was too cheesy for him to have actually said and thought I was making it up at first. Awww! He even cares about me while he is off somewhere in dream land. :oD


Blogger E. Spificus said...

Heh, watch out for that sleep-talking thing. I had sex with my ex one night and could've sworn he was at least slighly awake. Turned out he was completely unconscious during the whole thing. Of course, it didn't bother me but he was a little irritated that he missed out.

11:51 AM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Wow! I've contemplated molesting him in his sleep, now I know what will happen, hehe ::evil grin:: Naw, I wouldn't want him to miss out but I'm still gonna try it sometime ;o)

I keep waiting for something bad to come of his sleep-talking...people keep telling me stories. Like I have a friend who's husband talks in his sleep, mostly nonsense that is hard to make out. Then one night, he started yelling out some other woman's name...It was okay with her because she understood why I guess. That would devistate me..

12:37 PM  
Blogger Lynlee said...

Sleep walker-talkers are scary. Pax freaks me out at least 3 times a year that way.

3:11 PM  
Blogger E. Spificus said...

Diane (my former roommate) was always a weirdo about talking in her sleep. She would start speaking gibberish and then get really mad when we laughed at her--all while still unconscious.

11:27 PM  

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