Friday, October 28, 2005

Doing Okay

--Well, things on this front have been doing okay so far. It has taken hard work and lots of patience taking care of a little baby kitten that for some reason wasn't getting the idea of using the litter box. She is slowly but surely getting better at it, and we are seeing less and less of her little presents around the house. My guess is that she was so young, that she didn't have much control over her little potty urges.
Sugar was having issues with her at first as well: hissing, growling, moaning and groaning, hiding out under the bed a lot...and it was starting to wear on me, making me worry that they would never get along. It has been two weeks since Roger and I decided to take little Ginger in, and Sugar is finally starting to look out for her and play with her. I have some pics of them playing that I'll post as soon as I get around to it. She still gripes now and again, but I'm thinking it is because little Ginger's sharp little claws and teeth hurt quite a bit. Just this morning, I was in a comatose sleep (let's just say that I have a damn good man ;o) ) to be awakened by Ginger deciding my arm looked like a good ladder to hoist herself up onto the bed with. Talk about a rude awakening... :o( As soon as she's old enough, her female bits and claws are going to be taken out for good. I'm allergic to cats as a general rule, but if they stay as inside cats and I am able to rid them of their claws, I can usually handle the allergic reactions to them quite a bit better.

--Life has been keeping me busy as well:
A) Roger - I've been playing house with him, by trying to keep him content by feeding him and trying to keep things tidy. I'm not nearly as anal about cleanliness as he is, so if he doesn't like how I keep something clean, he'll go and redo it himself. I'm perfectly okay with that. I keep the kitchen clean (i.e. the stove, the dishes, etc) and I keep the cats from getting stinky or too messy with their food. I also help out with the laundry here and there. Hopefully that is enough for him to agree that I'm helping out and not just a lazy, useless moocher.
B) School - I started my internship and have been going to that once a week, on top of my normal classes. Keeping up with homework, the crud-load of papers that I'm having to do (that will be a running theme in all of my teaching classes, looks like) plus the extra stuff I've picked up with having to keep up on my Interning....::takes a deep sigh::
C) Money - I'm still not cleared to go back to work yet, so I'm really stressing out about money lately. Roger doesn't make enough to support the both of us completely, and my bank account got very very scarey like lows...I had $12 in it before I had to borrow money from my parents. Nothing makes me feel worse than having to stoop to asking for money because I'm poor. My mom said it was no big deal, that I'm not working and that's not my fault, so she doesn't mind helping out.


Blogger Lynlee said...


I think Roger thinks you're a keeper (and if he don't, I'll kick him in the shins and other more sensitive areas).

I'm sure you'll do great with all of you classes - but I know how bad papers can suck. You have my empathy.

Give your mama a big ol' kiss from me. I'm glad they were able to help you out (as opposed to me having to give my mom a loan). Any new news on the foot?

9:29 AM  
Blogger Amanda said...

I'm pretty sure we agree on keeping each other. But, if he doesn't, I'll let you kick him where ever you wish. ;o)

I'm sure I'll do okay as well...I just have moments of panic sometimes where I doubt my own intellengence.

I can usually depend on my parents. I have a card to my parents bank account and could use that whenever I wanted, and they probably wouldn't even take a second look at it; however, I have better morals for myself than that, and even hate the thought of even asking let alone just helping myself.

I go back this Thursday for my foot, so we'll find out something then (hopefully).

12:31 PM  

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