Monday, November 07, 2005

Poopy and Party

--I officially have a throat and sinus infection...::cries:: I am miserable. To name a few of my symptoms: coughing, sore throat, chest, nose, and major sinus congestion, constant leaky nose, stuffy ears, headache, fever...
I've been dealing with it for over a week and finally got fed up. I went to a doctor. I hate going to a doctor when you know what's wrong with you to shell out the $50+ just for the medication to get better. I can't beat it on my own, I've been trying. Roger kept telling me there was something worse wrong because I had a constant headache for 4 days that wouldn't go away no matter what I took. So, I'm on antibiotics...oh boy...Everyone knows that antibiotics negates birth control, right? And that the reason I'm on bc is to make my monthlys not so heavy and painful...? Damn if I can't win for losing on this situation.

--I do have some photos to post from my Halloween party. It was fun, I dressed up, Roger dressed up for me, we played poker and did jello shots. Here's Me and Roger, Roger and my good friend Brian, My sister Miranda and her boyfriend Marcus, My really good friend Nathan, Nathan and his new wife Terra, My aunt Paula and Nathan's new baby Camdon.

--Also, some more random pics of Ginger, our baby kitty. Sleepy face, Cutie face, Hair is fun, Proof that Sugar likes her, and Caught Playing. I love that last pic, I just wish they hadn't shifted right before I took it. Sugie is mostly cut out, but it is still an absolutely adorable pic. I haven't been able to catch them playing when Sugie put Ginger in a headlock, but when I do, I'll share. :o)

--Ooohh...Kinky...::raises an eyebrow::


You are the Marquis Da Sade. Even stripped of
exaggerations, Your real life was as dramatic
and as tragic as a cautionary tale. Born to an
ancient and noble house, you were married
(against your wishes) to a middle-class heiress
for money, caused scandals with prostitutes and
with your sister-in-law, thus enraging your
mother-in-law, who had you imprisoned under a
lettre de cachet for 14 years until the
Revolution freed you. Amphibian, protean,
charming, you became a Revolutionary,
miraculously escaping the guillotine during the
Terror, only to be arrested later for
publishing your erotic novels. You spent your
final 12 years in the insane asylum at
Charenton, where you caused another scandal by
directing plays using inmates and professional
actors. You died there in 1814, virtually in
the arms of your teenage mistress.You are a revolutionary deviant. I applaud you.

What Infamous Criminal are You?


Blogger Lynlee said...

Glad your party was fun... Hope you feel better soon!

8:13 PM  
Blogger E. Spificus said...

Your kitties are sooooooo CUTE! I'm jealous you got to have a fun Halloween. I had to work :-(

12:55 AM  
Blogger Amanda said...

L- Thank you for your well wishes, I hope to feel better soon too, heh.

E- I agree, and Thank you! :oD I absolutely love my kitties. Two of the most well behaved kitties if you can believe that.

L&E- Halloween was fun, wish you both had been there. I'm sorry you had to work E...:o( but honestly, I kinda wish I had been working. I am extremely low on cash. But, as soon as I am over my infections, I am cleared to go back to work for 4 hours a day. It's a start, right? :o(

2:42 AM  
Blogger Lynlee said...

CRAP! I SOOOOO meant to call you Thursday to see how your appointment went and I completely spaced. I'm glad you get to go back to work!

8:57 AM  

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