Monday, November 28, 2005


--My sister, Jennifer, and her husband, Scott, are visiting from Florida. The usually come for Christmas but his mom is fighting cancer and they live in Canada. That is where they'll be for Christmas this year. So, because we won't be seeing them then, we did a little Christmas get together early and exchanged some presents. It went over really well, but I didn't get to visit with them as much as I would have liked because Roger had to work Sunday and we had to go home. Plus the kitties had been home alone since Thursday afternoon. Busy, but the week went well.

--I'm sad. Two of my favorite radio stations have been converted. One went totally rap from a mix of today's hits and the other went from hard rock/alternative to Christian music...someone explain that switch to me...? So I started skimming through the was really depressing...there is a multitude of Christian and Country stations, but only one alternative/rock, two classic rock stations, and one mix of recent stuff to the 80's. I'm running out of options...Sheesh, I just love living in Hick-Bible belt areas otherwise known as Oklahoma.

--Well, my birthday is this friday and I just don't know if I should look forward to it or not. Two groups of my really good friends go to court on that day, and I'm guessing that will be the final decision on if the one side will ever talk to me again.

Roger did give me my present early, and he got me the Harry Potter books, 1-6, all in hard back. It cost over $100. The man loves me. He is also taking me to see Aeon Flux since it's premier in on the 2nd. I used to watch the anime on late late late night MTV years ago when they used to show them. Besides the fact that Charlize Theron is just way to damn sexy for her own good playing as Aeon (Check out the Photo Gallery). Mmmm...

So, anyways, I'm hoping my birthday goes better than I'm thinking it will.

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Blogger Travel-Bug said...

Happy birthday, sweety! -hugs-

5:45 AM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Thank you Stacey, ::hugs:: at least someone was nice to me...

2:19 AM  

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