Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Been sick since my birthday. Sore throat, caused me to lose my voice yesterday. Then I got a visit from Aunt Flow today....It's been a fun week. Sooo...have to do something to pass the time, don't I?

You Are Old Fashioned Undies!

You're conservative and a bit unsure of your sexy-ness.Unleash that tigress a little more - she's dying to get out.Men think you're a nice girl, a little too nice to date.Go wild with a sexy g-string... and totally up your confidence!

What Kind of Panties Are You?

You Are a Lace Bra!

Dreamy, romantic, and ultra-feminine. You're a womanly woman who makes guys feel like men. Your perfect guy is strong, determined, and handsome with a softer side that only you can draw out.

What Kind of Bra Are You?


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