Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Two Things..

...to note from this past week. One was great news, and the other was the scariest thought imaginable.

Firstly, the great news. I'm going to be an auntie!!! This will be my first niece/nephew, and I'm truely excited about it!! I actually found out last Wednesday, but I wanted to wait for them to tell everyone they wanted to tell before I blabbed about it. My older sister, Jennifer, and her husband, Scott, are pregnant! Yay! She's due the first week of December, the week of *my* birthday! I'll keep this updated as I get the information. :oD

Lastly, the horrifying event. Saturday, Roger and I left the apartment as usual to go to my parent's house for our every Saturday gaming sessions. We usually get there around 6pm and stay until 3-4am. Sometimes we come home, sometimes we stay the night. Here lately, we've been coming home. Well...we get home, go to bed, no problem, right? Sunday morning/afternoon comes around and Roger wants to go to the thrift store to walk and browse. I say okay, and we get ready to go. He looked at me and asked me where his keys were. I asked him why he was asking me, and he told me that I had them last (because I do most *all* the driving). I always give him the keys though, when I pull them out of the ignition, and I reminded him of that. He gets visibly upset and goes down the stairs. Where were his keys? Still hanging in the lock on the front door!! OMG!! Not only did he openly invite anyone to come into our apartment, have free pull of our stuff, or us for that matter, but he also provided them with the keys to a truck to haul it all off with!! I guess we have more trustworthy neighbors than I thought...I was almost panicked at the thought of what could have happened with that... ::shudders::


Blogger Elizabeth said...

Eek...my old roommate used to do stuff like that. I'm surprised we were never murdered in our sleep...

2:05 AM  

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