Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's Day

I hope everyone is wearing a bit of green today!! They deserve pinches if not ::eyes the crowd::

Hello! I am feeling much better today, finally. :oD yay!

I went to the gyno yesterday, and did the yearly thing....(I *hate* doing that, btw). They tested my blood, blood pressure, did the thing, and so far, they had a problem with my hemoglobin being borderline way too low. So, I'm balancing on the very edge of being anemic. That was strange for me, because I've never had any problems, other than my weight. Miranda has problems with it, and my mom said she teetered with it as well, but I never had any issues before. So, they got onto me for not eating properly, warned me about the stress level I'm at, and mentioned hypertension, "you know diabetes and hypertension go hand in hand, right?" (Since there is diabetes on both sides: G-mothers and aunts). I asked about me bleeding through my bc pills, and having really rough monthlies, and they said that my stress could be causing that. So! I need to stop stressing myself out so much, huh?! Hopefully with the wedding over, and all that nonsense in the past, my stress level will drop.

Anywho! Our blender blew up the other day. We had just gotten it for Christmas. We had started making real fruit smoothies with frozen fruits and OJ (Mmmmm), and it started smelling really bad and smoking. Scared me, so I turned it off. The next day it wouldn't do anything, so I guess the inside stuff burned up. It made us very sad. :o( No more smoothies until we get a new one.

On another note! Frank Warren is coming to Tulsa!!!!!! ::jumps up and down excitedly:: Here are the specs:
PostSecret, a community art project, is coming to TU!

Visit to discover the heartbreaking, touching, and funny anonymous confessions.

Real postcards will be on display in Collins Fitness Center and ACAC from March 19-31.

Frank Warren, curator of the project, will speak about PostSecret on Wednesday March 28th in BAH 219. The event is at 7 pm, and book signing will follow his speech.

Roger is taking me to get the book he bought for me for Christmas, signed. I am very excited. :oD


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