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I Will Be Boycotting Osage Casinos From Now On

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Okay, so, you all know Roger and I got married Friday. Here is an up to date version of events leading up to the wedding (this is a LARGE post, so be warned):

The plan was to go shopping for food, some last minute things at Hobby Lobby, and then head out to the camp where the wedding was to be held, and start decorating Thursday evening, the night before. Things did NOT go as planned.

To start off, I’m still really sick. Here it is, Thursday, and I feel worse than I have the last two weeks, but I felt horrible all week last week as well. I went to the doctor, and he didn’t help much. I seem to be getting worse instead of better…So I finally called the doctor again, and told him I wasn’t getting any better and was miserable. He called me in a prescription antibiotic, so we’ll see if that helps.

Then my mom and Miranda were supposed to pick me up around 10am (I don’t have a vehicle) and load up her van with all of my totes full of wedding goodies (flowers, decorations, wedding necessities, etc.). They didn’t show up until almost noon. We went to pick-up my aunt, Paula, because she took the days off specifically to help out with the wedding as much as we needed her (side note: she exerted so much energy for me, I don’t know what I would have done without her. I love you Paula, so very much, and Thank You!), and she wanted to go shopping with us. At the last minute, my mom tells me that my other sister, Jennifer, and her husband, Scott, also wanted to go with us. I didn’t know that, and it was a very pleasant surprise (side note: You two put in such an effort to help, and I greatly appreciate everything you did! Thank you so very much!), so we went to pick them up from her friend Liz’s house. By that time, everyone was hungry, so we went to eat. We chose Goldie’s because that seemed to be a good place to eat and an agreement among everyone. When we got there, it was really backed up because one waitress got mad and stormed out before her shift was out, and left them really short handed. That should have been our first major clue to just stay at home…

After we eat, we head to Hobby Lobby. I needed a few more flowers, and a couple of cake stands (Wilton’s cookie, candy and cake making supplies were on sale). Stacey called me while we were there and she met up with us. First, the cashier argued with me about the cake stands being included in the sale (I used to work for Hobby Lobby, and I know what is included and what isn’t, you daft woman!). She asked two other people that agreed with me, but she still argued. At this point, I was getting a little perturbed. As we were checking out the cashier says, “By the way, you guys don’t drive a green van, do you?”
An exchange of glances among all of us, “Umm…yea actually, why?”
“Because a green van was just hit in the parking lot,” she informs us.
We all take a deep breath, and my mom and Stacey head outside to see what happened. A few minutes later, Stacey comes back in, and confirms that it was my mom's van. She said the damage didn’t look that bad, and I make a comment about the day before I’m to be married is not going well. The casher must have felt sorry for me, because she quit protesting and gave me the 30% off. After checking out, we head to the van. Jenn and Scott were waiting in the store, and hadn’t heard the bad news yet. We quickly filled them in while walking to the van. What happened: The lady’s car came out of park somehow while she was shopping inside the store, and slid backwards right into my mom’s driver’s side door. I look at the damage, and then look at Stacey. She says, “Wow...with her car out of the way, it looks a lot worse than I thought.” I try to keep my cool while asking my mom if she can open the door. She tried to keep me from seeing her crying, and shakes her head no, while they’re exchanging insurance information. I couldn’t take it, the van was the cornerstone of transportation for both days, and here it’s wrecked! I cried borderline hysterically, while everyone just left me alone to vent, except Stacey. She stayed to comfort me. I collected myself, while my mom called her insurance company to report it. Paula offered to have Stacey drive her to her vehicle so they could go ahead of us, and start the set-up. It was 4:30 by this time. Our plan was then changed to everyone going out to the camp, and momma and I would do the food shopping and then meet them all out there.

Why we even bothered to make plans by this point, I’m not so sure, but we continued on. Momma and I spent so much money getting hamburgers, hotdogs, buns, potato salad, coleslaw, soda, chips, condiments, chicken patties, brisket, salad stuff, veggies for a veggie tray, dressings for the salads, tomatoes, onion, and some more that I can’t recall right now. It was $600 worth of food from Sam’s. Then we loaded up the van (we somehow got the door working, except the light switch wasn’t being hit, so the inner lights were staying on and flickering), and headed out of Tulsa towards the camp.

Roger and his best man, Aaron, were planning on getting their tuxes, making sure they fit and all that stuff when Roger got off of work mainly because the tux woman was brainless. When my mom called to confirm the order, she said, “Oh yea, I have the tuxes here for Roger, Pete, and Peter.”
My mom then said, “Umm…Pete and Peter are the same person. Don’t you have a tux for Aaron?”
“Oh, he didn’t come in for a sizing, so I thought you didn’t need it.”
“Oh yes he did! He came in with us, when we brought Roger in for his sizing.”
“Oh, well, then I just mixed up the names.”
My mom knew there was something wrong with them, so we wanted them to check. Afterwards, they were supposed to have a guy’s night of sorts, while we all set up and then after the set-up, the girls were going to do a bachelorette party of sorts. ::sighs::

On the way to the camp, driving through Owasso, Roger calls. He informs me that the stupid tux woman ordered the groom’s tux, and all the decisions we’d made for the groom’s tux, in Aaron’s size! And Roger had what was supposed to be Aaron’s tux! It’s a damn good thing Roger and Aaron are very similar sizes, or we would have had to scrape me off of the roof. They were able to switch, successfully. She did, however, order the wrong tie for the groom’s tux and had to air flight it over. They had to end-up going back, the day of the wedding, and getting the right tie. I was still okay, as long as they were both dressed properly, and present.

Then, the park ranger of the camp calls. “Are you still coming out tonight?” He asks.
“Yea, there should have been a group of us out there already. Are they not there yet?”
“Haven’t seen ‘em.”
“That’s strange, they left before us, about two hours ago. I guess I’ll call them.”
“Oh, by the way, there’s a little road construction going on out here due to the Osage Casino opening out here. You’ll have to take an alternate route.”
“Oh, Okay, I’ll let them know.”

Oh my god! I don’t even know how to go into this mud hole…::takes a deep breath:: I call the others to find out what’s going on. Paula tells me that the road construction is going to leave the main road (the one that ALL of our maps we sent out directed people to) will be shut down all day Friday. She also tells me that the guy was a total asshat, screaming in her face and such, and they’ve been looking for another way into the camp. That’s why they’re not there yet! I lose it again. Just start bawling, and crying, and so very upset…why couldn’t anyone have told us about any of this before hand??? So that maybe we could have figured out a way around some of that? So I’m bawling, my mom calls my dad and starts bawling, blaming herself because she talked me into having it at the camp (it was SO cheap). It was a mess. So I call Roger. “Are you ready for some more bad news?”
“Oh no…what now?”
“The road leading into the camp is going to be closed tomorrow.” I try to tell him between near hysterical sobs. “I want to see you.”
“Where are you?”
“On our way out to the camp,” I tell him that it’s okay, he doesn’t have to come to me, but I’m just feeling really vulnerable.
“Aaron’s already turned around, and headed that way. Give us directions.”
The next several minutes are of me trying to convince them to go have fun (someone needed to!), or go hang out with my dad, because he’s alone and dealing with this shit too. To no avail, they’re determined, so I give them directions. We got out there late enough that the main road wasn’t closed anymore, because they’d all gone home. Paula and the group had set up the tables and such, and waiting on us to know what was going where. They told me that the other way in wasn’t that difficult, and they’d do signs. Problem solved, or so we thought. Roger and Aaron show up, and I just grab him and hug him and make him hold me. I just didn’t want to let go. Aaron tells me that when he heard me crying, and really upset, he knew that I’d need comforting and wanted to bring me my man (He is such a good friend. I really like him a lot). So after much reinforcement and assurances from Roger ("yes, I'm sure we're doing the right thing"), Stacey steals me away. We needed to get our hair cut, and our out of control eyebrows taken care of, and with the horrendous events of the day, we never got around to it. My friend Amanda went with us, and we left everyone to the set-up (side note: Thank you everyone, for such a beautiful job! The reception area was beautiful!).

The rest of the evening went really well, despite the loss of a bachlorette party. Stacey, Amanda, and I sped our way back to Owasso, to catch Super Cuts before they closed at 9. We made it, by 8:30, and they took us both in. They shampooed, cut, and waxed us both, with Amanda watching (I’m sorry if you felt left out at all, Manna, but I did really enjoy your company). We grabbed some Arby’s, because Stacey and I hadn’t eaten at all, and then went to Walmart to grab a few last minute things. We drove Manna back to B-ville, and then drove back to Owasso. Sleep…ahh…blissful sleep…right? Nope! Stupid cold/flu kept me up most of the night, coughing my lungs out, even with nighttime meds.

Then the day of the wedding, Friday, March 2nd, 2007 rises. My dad and Paula were going out to put up detour signs. My mom, Stacey, and I drove to the airport, to pick up a rental car for me to get around in at 8am. From the airport, Stacey and I drove to the salon to get our hair done at around 9:30-10 am. The ladies there were so wonderful and nice. As she is doing my hair, she asks me things, you know, trying to get me to talk. I have mostly no voice, so she pretty much leaves me alone, except to offer me hot tea, motrin, or whatever else I might need. “You look like you feel horrible,” she said. “How are you so calm?” I tell her, “You know, I have this good friend of mine, who’s been married for a while, and he gave me one piece of advice, ‘on the day of the wedding, everything rolls off of your shoulders,’ he told me. He said that on the day of, there is no changing what happens, so you might as well let it roll. I am bound and determined to not let anything bother me today.” And for the better part of the day, that was what I did, and I needed it. Anywho, our hair turned out wonderful. After the salon, we ate, picked up my beautiful fresh flowers, and then headed out to the camp.

On the way there, I get a call from Roger, “The signs are blowing down, you know how to get there?”
“Yes, I think we’ll be okay.”

Stacey and I get there at 2:30, with the wedding supposed to start at 3. Yikes! I pull up to the lodge, where the ceremony was to take place, and hit a big fucking rock in the driveway, with the rental car! Majorly dented and scratched up the bumper…Wasn’t that nice? We run in, grab our stuff, and quickly get ready. From there everything goes wonderfully. The ceremony was beautiful, my whole family crying, and me trying my damndest not to cry. I succeeded! Yay! I almost didn’t make it through Roger’s vows (we didn’t discuss our vows prior, so they were as much of a surprise to each other as to everyone else). I wanted to jump out of my skin! I'm getting married!! It's what I always longed for, to be happily married to the man I love.

The reception was wonderful, my cake looked absolutely amazing. During the reception, the road crews cut the electricity. Wasn’t that nice of them? Did I mention that I’m BOYCOTTING FUCKING OSAGE CASINOS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE?!? I also have someone bring me my phone because I hadn’t seen Morgan, another good friend of mine from Kansas who was supposed to be there. She had called me while I was on the way to the camp, telling me she was in B-ville and on her way. Well…She left a message, crying, because they’d closed BOTH FUCKING ROADS INTO THE CAMP, and wouldn’t let her in. There is no telling how many people got lost, turned away, and shut out…I am so Sorry to everyone who didn’t make it because of those fucktards.

I find out, after the whole thing, from the camp director or whatever she is, that the road crews had a whole year and a half to do the roads. The casino even had to postpone their grand opening, because they had their thumbs up their asses. She told us, that they assured her that there would always be one road open into the camp, and not to worry. Umm…WRONG! Both roads were closed, and they cut the power! If you look in the pics, while we’re cutting the cake, the beautiful fountain I had in our cake is not running, and the lights are off, that would be why. Because the state of Oklahoma FUCKING SUCKS BALLS!

Okay, rant over with! Now for Pictures! Here is a link to a blog set up just for pictures. I will be adding more, as I get them. These are just from the disposable cameras we had on the tables. This is not all of them either, I just picked out a few. I may add more. Enjoy!


Blogger Elizabeth said...

Oh, honey, you deserve a statue in your honor for not going postal during that fiasco. I was thinking about you all week wondering how everything had gone.

But, even with a horrible cold and minor disasters at every turn, you looked absolutely beautiful in the pictures. *And* you have a fantastic story to tell the kids about mom and dad's wedding ;-)

3:05 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

That is what *everyone* has been telling me, "at least you have your very own wedding story to tell." I think I would have rather been boring, and had everything go *as planned* and *not* had a story to tell, ::laughs::

But I'm okay now. Our hotel was amazing, and will be posting a few pics of that eventually. Even though I was sick, we made the best of it that we could, and now that I'm home, I've just been resting and trying to get better. Roger caught it, and is over it in about 24 hours. I just think all the extra stress just cause the flu to relapse and start all over.

Thank you for the support ;o) and I know if you ever come to Oklahoma, you'll boycott Osage too, won't you? :oD

8:01 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Lol, well, I'm pretty much boycotting casinos everywhere so I suppose that covers Osage, also :-)

2:50 PM  

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