Friday, February 09, 2007

Emotional Stress mentioned that I don't sleep well at night, right? Well, I go to sleep with Roger at 9 or 10, depending on when he goes to bed, and wake up at 1:30-2 am every time. Unless I wait until later to go to bed, like 12 or something, then I seem to be okay.

Any who! Yesterday morning I finished up some things I was working on for the wedding and was relaxing on the couch when I heard a racket at the front door. I waited a few minutes and then went to check some things out. I have a Happy Valentine's Day thing on the door, and it was blowing in the wind, so I decided to adjust it a little so it wouldn't catch the wind so easily (it gets *really* windy here). I stood in the door the whole time, and was only there for 5 minutes, if that. Then I continue to relax on the couch. Roger gets up at 5, takes a shower, and gets ready for work. He is just about to give me a kiss and head out the door when he asks, "have you seen Sugar this morning?" "Umm...well...when I first got up, yea, but since then...come to think about"

Then ensued the kitty the heart stopping non avail. So then he rattles the food container and puts some food in the bowl...also to no avail. Then he asks, "did you have the front door open at some time?" ::sighs:: "She couldn't have...I was standing in the door the whole time...but yea". got out somehow, quickly ran past me in the small amount of time I had the door open.

Roger called in from work and I got dressed. Then we walked around the entire apartment building, in the alleyways and everything. Then we came back to the apartment to check if we just missed her, didn't see her, and got in the truck to drive around the building and surrounding streets. We looked for about an hour, then decided we'd have better luck looking when the sun came up. I was a bawling, nervous, worried wreck. It was really cold and windy, and she'd never been outside because she'd never tried to go outside before and had been outside for at least 3 hours. Well, we pulled up and went for the door. She must have recognized the sound of his truck, because she came running. I just hugged her and cried some more. I don't want to prematurely lose my kitty cat.

Then, today at about 11 am I was talking to Roger on the phone. He got a break at work, and was having a really bad day, and just wanted to talk to me. So, I'm sitting on the couch talking to Roger, and happened to look out our balcony window. I see a person convulsing on a stretcher, fire trucks, water hoses stretched out, ambulances, and water every where. I go out on the balcony, and see plumes of thick dark smoke, and fire people running around every where. In a nutshell, my apartment building, the Avondale Apartments, about two buildings from mine, is blazing. Smoke billowing out of 16 units burning. It was pretty freaky, and way too close to home. No one was hurt, because the building was empty. Those people are going to come home from work to nothing...everything burned...I feel so sorry for them.

So much going on...stresses me out. I'm really glad I got my kitty back, and that it wasn't *my* apartment on fire, but I still got stressed.


Blogger Dawn said...

::hugs you tightly::

Those kitties are sneaky. I'm glad your building is all right.

Mardi Gras is going on right now, so going to Quarter is not something I can bring myself to do (too many stupid, drunk tourists!), but after the 20th, I will try to get down there and look for your quartz.

::hugs you again::

5:04 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Thank you, sweetie. ::hugs::

Yes, apparently they are. And the building is okay, started by a discarded cig.

I completely forgot about that already. I've got so much on my mind right now, I guess that just pushed out. Thank you, hun. I wouldn't expect you to risk your life and being jumped just for a crystal.

Gonna do some flashing and bead collecting? ::winks::

8:16 PM  
Blogger E. Spificus said...

I'm sorry you had such a crappy day. And I'm sorry I had to add to it. I *really* wish I was coming down there tomorow :-(

11:26 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

It's okay..I'm getting used to people telling me they're not coming, so it's not that bad. I would have *loved* to see you, but it wasn't manditory. At first I didn't expect you for either, because of you working two jobs, so, nothing lost nothing gained.


9:09 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I'm not worried about getting jumped, I just don't like crowds in general, let alone crowds of stupid, drunk people. And I could care less about the Made-in-China beads. I just like the parades and the music.

12:09 PM  

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