Thursday, February 01, 2007


I don't think they should either. I don't know who "MSI" is, but oh no!! a Christian group got their feathers ruffled, better push thier morals onto everyone else. Just because it is listed as "religious" doesn't mean Christian Gospel, there are other religions out there you know.

I got this off of Liz's Myspace bulletins. I've mentioned her before, here's her Myspace link if you want to check it out. She's a cool person. She is my sister Jennifer's best friend, and has been for decades. She is pregnant right now, and about to pop. She is incredibly happy and very happily and newly married. She is also a very very good photographer. Sorry, little props for Liz. ;o)

MSI vs. iTunes

Mindless Self Indulgence have been asked by iTunes to change the genre that they are filed under. Presently MSI is filed with their distributor as 'Religious/Inspirational' because of their devout fan base and cult-like following (currently having shipped 180,000 CD's in the last year alone). Apparently this has angered some extremely conservative Christian organizations who have filed complaints with the digital music giant to get the band's music removed from that category. Several Christians seemed to have purchased the seemingly offensive material, on faith, even though it clearly was marked as being explicit material. Part of what seemed to annoy them was how well MSI's album, "You'll Rebel To Anything", sold, reaching Number 27 on the iTunes Christian/Gospel charts! When asked what he thought of this controversy, MSI's singer, Jimmy Urine had this to say: "It was iTunes, not us, that interpreted "religious" to mean Christian/Gospel. What is offensive to some people is obviously inspirational to others. To our fans this IS inspirational music. I have no intention of changing the genre listing of this album."


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