Monday, March 12, 2007

More Pictures

I added a new set of pictures today. I got this set from a good friend of mine, Brian. His wife, Val, took them (with Brian's help working the camera, hehehe).

I also got a beautiful book from Paula, but she accidentally left the Cd's at home, so hopefully I'll get her pictures posted next weekend.

That leaves Joe Vanhook and my bud Ember's pictures to post, when I get them.

I hope everyone enjoys them!

In other news:
Roger caught what I have and is currently suffering with it as well.
I am still sick with it, but the antibiotics are helping me to get over it. I had a stomach bug or something last night and spent the entire early morning hours puking my insides out. It was the fun kind-of hurling that once the stomach was empty, the hurling didn't stop. It made my throat sore and my teeth hurt.
This Saturday was fun, and I was really glad to see my gaming group together and having fun again. The nachos were good. ;o) However, they were not so good coming back up...
Roger goes back to work Tuesday, and I will miss having him home with me during the week...but someone's gotta earn the big bucks, right?


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