Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm Baaaaaaaccck!

--I'm sure you all are just thrilled, right? :ob Well, after all of that and I finally feel well enough to function beyond just my normal everyday. Roger was very very excited, :ob.

--I started feeling a little better after all the medicine my doctor put me on, and My family says, "hey! You're feeling better, let's go to the lake!" So, being the glutton for punishment, and ignoring Roger's warnings (since I'd just barely gotten over whatever I had, he strongly advised me not to go), I went to the lake. I put on sports sunscreen, the strongest stuff I've used because it's sweatproof and waterproof, and played in the water. I reapplied the sunscreen, ate a sandwich, and did a little fishing. I caught four little perch, and was able to free them all once again. I returned to the picnic area to hang out a bit, and started feeling bad. I told my parents that I was ready to go. We put everything up, got in the car, and headed home. I fell asleep in the car, which I almost never do in short drives, and Roger got worried because he's never seen me fall asleep in the car. I had to go home because I started feeling worse, and when I got home I noticed a sunburn. I was very sunburned on my chest, upper arms and all the way down my back. The only thing that I can figure, is that at least one of the meds I was on was sun reactive. I didn't read the info on them to know for sure, but I had borderline heat exhaustion. So, I had to kick that too. BUT! I had fun.

Other than that, I've been working a lot, and still not sleeping well. I go to bed, and end up not sleeping all the way through the night. But, that's about it.

--Roger decided that he wanted to go to a thrift store to just look around. He found a pair of brand new wet shoes that we'd been wanting anyhow, because he doesn't wear sandals, and the lake visit was interesting with him in tennis shoes and not wanting to take them off. I need some as well, but that was the only pair. He bought me a Tigger that talks and jiggles when you hit his bottom, hehe, and he also bought me this awesome foil scratching picture with a frame. $1.98 for the Tigger, $1.98 for the frame, and $.79 for the art itself, He spent a whole $5.15 on me! But I absolutely love my new Tigger, and the picture, someone actually did it by hand, I can tell that much, but they didn't sign it. Foil art is difficult, I've done it myself, but whoever did this one was talented. Here's a pic:
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--Here are a few pics of Ginger and her favorite toy. I wish I could catch her actually playing with it, it's halirious. She throws it in the air and chases after it. anywho..
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And one pic of Sugar pouting. When I was feeling bad, I wanted to see my mommy. So Roger packed us up and we stayed at my parent's house for two nights. When he pulled out his night bag, Sugar jumped in it, and refused to get out of it.
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Blogger Dawn said...

If you were on any kind of antibiotic, that is probably the sunburn culprit.

I'm glad to hear you are feeling better, and next time -- listen to your fiance!

::hugs you::

3:56 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Yea I was...Amoxicyllin, for 10 days.

I know, I know....he rubbed it in as well...:ob

::returns the hugs:: How's life in NO?

11:03 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Amox would do it.

Things in NO are . . . well . . . things. Better now than when I first got here.

4:56 PM  

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