Sunday, December 18, 2005

First Off

You taste like a milkshake. Your frozen malts send
a delicious thrill across the tongue. Your
sweetness and innocence are bared for the world
to suck up with a straw... and you love it,

How do you taste?

Answers to meme, coming up in a few hours. Promise. I have to attend my Christmas party at work, and I'll be right back to post them. :o)


Blogger Amanda said...

1) I really like your hair long, not all cut off like it was when I first met you.

2) "Easier to Run" by Linkin' Park

3) Blackberry

4) ::Asking Morgan:: Is she dating Kevin?

5) Drunk, at Morgan's New Year's party, with whipped topping smeared all over your stomach and Morgan licking it off.

6) A mommy kitty - Protective and very particular about who you trust and love.

7) Will you ever trust me again? (Present question)

7:03 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

1) What is your damn secret???

2) Love Actually

3) Peach-Mango

4) I wanna touch the crab! It's so cute!

5) Hearing Al had a serious girlfriend and being surprized but happy for him if it was true. Then meeting you for the first time, Al getting drunk and asking you to threesome with me (I'm really glad that did not make you hate me right off!).

6) A turtle - You are persistent, wen you see something worthwhile, you struggle to achieve your goal.

7) Have you ever kissed/fooled around with/been attracted to another female?

7:07 PM  
Blogger Travel-Bug said...

-laughs- Those are good questions... As far as the threesome, that didn't bug me so much. I just had to smack my beloved around a bit. He is just a horny male after all. ;)

7:35 PM  

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