Sunday, March 02, 2008

First Wedding Anniversary is Paper

and what better way to give paper, than with tickets!!

Me, my husband and my aunt Paula went to Linkin Park!! It was absolutely, hands down, the best concert I've *ever* been to.

Poor Chester Bennington told us at the start of the concert that he'd been very sick, with no voice the night before and they had seriously considered cancelling. You could tell that he was really struggling towards the end, but you can also tell how absolutely devoted to the music and the people they all are. I wondered: since he was sick and they were that wonderful, how good are they when he's not sick? There is a rumor that they might come to Tulsa once we get our auditorium center open, and I'll be the first in line for tickets if that's true!

There were two opening bands, that in no way compared to the greatness of Linkin Park. They also did TWO encores!

Here are two videos I took:

If you would like to see the pictures I took, please check out my Myspace Page at:
And click on "View my pics" They're in the Linkin Park Album.

You might also check out my Family Pics Album, there are some pics of my niece Maddie in there.

To quickly catch up the last post.

Pics of Valentines stuff:


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