Friday, January 04, 2008

It Just Makes Me Sad..

I'm sure you know all the recent hype with Britney Spears, but I just heard about it today. I didn't really care for her all that much, but seeing her like this just makes me so sad. Starting with her relationship with "the bad boy" everything just added up to be a recipe for disaster for her. I watch what people say, and how incredibly hurtful they can be, and it just makes me hope for her well being. She is definitely hurting, and needs to reach out to someone who will listen to her instead of just use her for publicity and money.

When I watched the clips from her being carted off in an ambulance, I could feel her pain. I know that may sound stupid..but it's true. She's very hurt, scared, and lost. She found out the hard way that coping with stardom before you are an adult can take a heavy toll on your soul and emotional well being.

I truly wish her well thoughts, and hope she can work through her hurts, if for no one else, but at least her babies.

01/05/2008 at 3:03pm:
You know...I was just thinking...I wonder if her situation hits me harder because we have the exact same birthdate, almost to the hour. So we're almost exactly the same age, and I see where she is and how she's struggling, and I see where I'm at and I think about where I'd be with 2 young babies and like 2 divorces under my belt - not even adding the fame and fortune to the list. I think I would be in a pretty bad place myself.


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