Thursday, December 06, 2007


I saw The Golden Compass on Tuesday, and wanted to give my two cents. For starters, it is the first of three books, and will most likely be the first of three movies as well. I have some problems with that because the Matrix and the Pirates trilogies come to mind. The first one in the series was very good, and then they just drop off after that. The second is kind-of okay, and the third just stinks. This one could very well do the same, or it could not do as well as they hope, and end up not finishing the story at all. This one ends with a very open ending, they don't really solve anything, it isn't a stand alone movie.

With that said, there are a few things I did enjoy. First, I loved the CG. It was breathtakingly gorgeous! There is a scene where the main character is riding on the back of an Ice Bear, and her riding with all the scenery around them was totally amazing.

My mom didn't like the plot, but I did. I liked the Daemons, and the acting, and the story line (thus far, since they didn't finish much of anything, and just left you hanging!)

If you're willing to chance the "religious undertones" of the movie, because the author is a confessed agnostic and atheist, I would say that overall, I enjoyed the film. I don't know how close to the book it is, because I've never read them, but that is my two cents.

Here's my Daemon:


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