Sunday, December 02, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust!

Another year passed, and so much has happened to me since my last birthday. I got married, Miranda got married, I bought a house, Miranda bought a house, I've been to the ER, a few family members on Roger's side passed away, Oma spent time in the Hospital after sitting with her in the ER, I learned things about some friends that I never thought I'd hear and they weren't good, my best friend got a divorce (which made me very sad at the time, but I definately think it was the right decision because of the way he acted), I went on a cruise to Mexico!! (I do have all my cruise pics posted on my myspace page, but you have to have a myspace account to look at them) and so much else! It's hard to reflect over such an action packed year!

So, I'm 26 today and that is all I was getting at. ;o) I hope everyone has a good day!


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