Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Evening

I have to say...I don't mind going to the doctor when I'm sick, and know I can't kick it on my own...but I really hate hospitals and emergency rooms...

With that said, I'm okay. I don't want to go into much detail, but I was feeling very poorly and between my husband and my mother pushing, I went to emergency. All the nurses, the cat scan tech, and the doctor were very kind, and seemed genuinely concerned about me and trying to get the problem sorted out; However, it was an emergency room, and Roger and I were there for about 9 hours. Roger called in, so he could take me and sit with me, and we got there around 9:00 pm. They were very quick with the process up to getting me into a room. After that it was mostly just the waiting. We didn't leave until around 6:00 am.

The only real problem I had was the first nurse. She was very friendly, but she wouldn't listen to me.
"We need to draw some blood for blood work," she tells me.
"Okay, but my veins roll, and I haven't had anything to eat or drink today," I warn her.
She poked, and dug around, saying, "We're almost there," over and over to me. She got nothing, like I really thought she would *rolls eyes*.
So, she tries again, but that poke hurt so bad, it brought me to tears almost instantly. Thankfully, she didn't dig in that one. I have the beautiful deep purple and blue marks to show for her not listening to me.
So, with that fiasco out of the way, she asks someone else to try. I knew this one, she graduated in Bartlesville, and has a recognizable face, I guess. She graduated 2 years before me. I tell her the same thing, "I haven't eaten or drank anything today, and I have trouble on normal days, let alone when I'm feeling really bad." We talked about school, and how she feels really old because 10-year is coming up for her, and then she poked. She poked once, went straight in, and got what they needed. It was only mildly uncomfortable when she did it, she's good.

They shot me up with a few different things, put two full bags of saline in me, made me drink a few different things, and ordered the cat scan. Now that was strange. I'd never had anything bigger than an x-ray done, and it was all new for me. The thing whirrs, and spins. They inject x-ray dye into you, and it raises your blood pressure. I got lightheaded and pounding in my ears. "That's normal," the tech informed me. He goes to hook up the x-ray dye to my IV, and says, "It'll make you feel like you have to pee really bad, really hot all over, and put a strange taste in your mouth." Not 2 seconds after he said the last word, I felt that. "That's so weird," I said.
"So you're feeling it then," he replied.
"Umm, yea. Exactly like you said."
A female voice comes on, and tells you to "take a deep breath, and hold it" and you do for about 8 seconds. Do you know how hard it is to hold your breath when your burning hot all over, with your blood pounding in your head, and lungs? You do that several times, and they send you back to your room. After that was done, we waited for 3 hours or so to find out if everything was okay.

Everything turned out okay, and I'm taking a few meds right now. The doctor said, "if nothing else, you were really dehydrated." I feel like shit warmed over, my arm that had the IV is really sore, I have a pounding headache that doesn't seem to want to do anything but persist, and I'm bruised. I've been sleeping for most of the day today, because 2 of the meds knock me out, but I'm feeling a little better than yesterday.


Blogger Dawn said...

*hugs* At least your IV held. That's a good thing.

Hope you feel better soon.

8:34 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Thanks hun...*hugs back*

The last time I remember having an IV, it was to pump blood back into me, because I'd lost so much...Once she got it in though, it didn't really hurt anymore, just a little uncomfortable, and it stayed until they took it out. I'm glad for that too, because if I had had to go through all that again, I think I would have screamed..

I'm calling my PCP later today, because I'm still having symptoms. I may end up making an appointment with him too. I'll keep updated.

5:33 AM  

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