Thursday, August 23, 2007

Emotional Blows: The Good, and The Bad

Well, yesterday was a good day, and a bad day. Let me start from the beginning:

I didn't have much to do yesterday, with my work mostly completed for the week, and all I had on my schedule to do was call the insurance people back. Well! I couldn't really do that until we found out for sure that Roger was on his uncle's insurance policy as insured. To figure that out, I needed Roger to call them, and fax us a copy of the policy. Since he started that ICE training, he's been getting home later. So! I drugged myself with the sinus meds that knock you on your ass and slept most of the day (I feel much better now, btw).

I heard from Bruce, letting me know some good news. Our contract was written for "allowables" that the seller was required to cover. The lender had told Bruce that those were going to be $497.00, so that is what he put in the contract. Well! Since we got approved for everything, and got the bond money, the "allowables" only totaled $70.00 and the $427.00 will go towards our closing costs! So, we had to meet up with Bruce as soon as Roger got home, to sign the change in contract.

Roger got home at around 5 p.m. and right away I made him call his uncle's insurance company. We found out that, yes, he is on the policy. So, I told him that he needed to ask them to fax us a copy of the policy, and give them the fax number for the new company we were talking to. I called Mike, our new insurance agent, and told him about the policy. He said the fax was just coming in, and when can we meet him. His office, oddly enough, was just right down the street from where we were to meet Bruce. I told him we would meet him right after. We met up with Bruce, chit-chatted for a few minutes, signed our updated contract page, and made sure of the appointment for the inspection on Friday. Then we headed to Mike.

Mike was a very friendly guy (of course! He wanted our business and money, hehehe). We got an excellent rate for our home insurance (would total to about $63 a month), a great rate for our truck (would total to about $43 a month), and even a life insurance policy for Roger ($110,000 for about $20 a month; however, having the life insurance policy will lower our rate on home insurance to about $55 a month and the car insurance to about $40 a month). All sounds great, right?

Begin Rant:
Well, herein lies the emotional blow that almost brought me to tears right there in the insurance agent's office...He showed us the policy Roger had been paying. He was on his uncle's car insurance because after both parent's murders and his step mother's death from cancer, left him an orphan, so his uncle was his guardian. We had thought that Roger was paying a little too much, but we just chalked it up to him being a young male..we didn't know any different..I don't have any brothers, and Roger's an only child for the most part...We trusted his uncle. *shakes head* Looking at the policy, we found out that Roger has been paying for more than half of the entire premium...The total premium for 6 months is $812.00 with a down payment of $210.00 and payments of $150.50 every month for 4 months and 2 months off. Roger pays $135.00 every month for 4 months, then gets 2 months off. That means he has been paying $540.00 every 6 months and his uncle has been paying about $15.00 a month, and the down payment of $210.00, totalling to about $272.00 every 6 months. So, in summary, we pay $135, his uncle pays for the down payment and $15 per month, and his uncle drives a 1998 pickup, where we drive a 1988. According to his policy, he should have been paying $77, and his uncle $73. How long has he been mostly paying his uncle's car insurance? Since he started driving at the age of 18...All I can think about is the months in the last 2 years, where we had nothing left at the end of the month, and struggling, while his uncle sits on his ass and milks this hard earned money from us. I thought you could trust family...


Blogger Dawn said...

It is a well-known fact that family can be the first to give you the shaft -- and the least likely to be generous with lube.

And it's usually the ones you'd least expect that do the worst.

1:42 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

That really sucks, honey, you guys need to call him on it and see what lame-ass excuse he comes up with.

10:23 PM  

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