Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Harry Potter

And the Order of the Phoenix.

First off:
I would be *very* heartbroken if the rumors about the cast change are true. They only have 2 movies left to go, and I think the last 2 films with a few different members in the cast or even a full cast change would majorly decrease the flavor, attractiveness, and kinship you feel with the first 5 movies. I hope they can hang on just a little bit longer...

Well! I had the privilege of attending the movie Sunday, with Roger, my mom and dad, my sister and Marcus, and a good friend-Brian. We decided, after a suggestion from my husband, to try out the IMAX version of the film. If you've never attended an IMAX movie, you should. You're in for a real treat!!

The tickets are a little more expensive (if bought online, $11.25), but the screen is huge, and the surround sound will make you breathless. You start off watching the movie like a normal, if rather large, movie screen. Then the scene starting with the group headed off to the Ministry to intercept Harry's vision of Sirius being tortured starts the 3-D part off. You get the cue to put on your hideously large 3-D glasses, and then prepare to be awestruck. The battle with the Death Eaters, Sirius' death, and Dumbledore's duel with Voldemort are all in 3-D. It was absolutely stunning!

Okay enough about IMAX! *grins* The movie was superb as well. I had ticked off moments of the book in my head, expecting to see them in the movie, and almost every one of them were in it. Of course there were things left out and/or changed, just like all of the movies, but it didn't ruin it for me. Severus was looking dark and sexier than ever, I kept having illegal thoughts about a certain run of pictures of Harry/Daniel, and a lot of the other boys are also growing up to be fine looking gentlemen.

Overall, I was very impressed, and wish to see it again and again!


Anonymous Miranda said...

Momma found that the cast is staying!! At least for the Half Blood Prince.

11:09 AM  

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