Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Doctor's Office

I had a very long and rough day yesterday. To begin, I have been having 2 periods a month since January or February, even though I have been taking my birth control pill every day and on time. When I went in for my yearly at the health department, I asked them about it and they told me that it was just because of my weight. They also told me that my hemoglobin was scary low, and that I was borderline anemic. Duh...I've been bleeding for two weeks at a time! Anywho...A lot of female problems have happened on both sides of my family, especially my mom, so I worried a little bit.

So, I made an appointment with an actual OBGYN outside of the health department, to ask a few questions. My appointment was at 9:30 a.m. yesterday, but because I was a new patient they wanted me there by 9:00 to fill out all the paperwork. I asked my husband to go with me for moral support, because I didn't know what was going to happen. We got started 20 minutes early because we had never been there before, and I wanted to be sure we found it. We got turned around because my navigator missed a step in the directions, and then we couldn't find the right building, because it says it is a credit union at first glance, but the office is on the second floor...so, needless to say, we got there at 9:20...yea, being lost for 40 minutes is not fun.

Once we got to the office, it went fairly smoothly. I filled out all the paperwork, made copies of my cards, got called in, weighed, seated in the little room, blood pressure taken, a few more questions asked, and then the wait for the doctor. When she came in (it has to be a she, because Roger is the *only* he allowed down there), she was shorter than I thought, and very pretty. She actually shook my hand, introduced herself, sat down, really listened to my problems, asked a lot of questions, and kept a lot of notes. After hearing my speal, and answering all the questions about all of my family's problems as well, she told me exactly what she wanted to do, what she was looking for, and what was going to happen next. It was really refreshing to have someone to listen to me, tell me that there could be something wrong, and if there is she'll find it.

I had to wait a few minutes for her to do a check-up on someone else, in the ultrasound room because she wanted to ultrasound my ovaries and uterus, to make sure there weren't any cysts or anything like that in there. She had me undress from the waist down, lay down on the little chair, and then she stuck the wand up in there. She started "showing" me all the things she was looking for, and I guess everything looked normal, up until we got to my left ovary. Apparently, your ovaries are supposed to produce little cysts normally, and then a dominant one kind-of takes over. My right one had one bigger one, and several little ones around it; However, my left one had one huge cyst that was about 3 inches in diameter and no little ones. While she was looking at my left one, it kind-of hurt too. So then she tells me that she can see the first problem. She said that my pills are not doing their job. The birth control pills are supposed to limit the size that those cysts get. Then she told me that the cyst is large, and just a little worrisome, but not enough so that she thought she needed to go in right now to take a look at it. She wanted to put me on a new pill, Yaz, to see if we couldn't get the size of the cysts down a little.

After the ultrasound, she wanted to run some blood work. The only tests that I know of was a thyroid test and a glucose test (which takes two hours to run). Since the test would start at around 11 and would run right into lunch, the lab tech told me to come back at 1:30 or reschedule. I decided to come back, but that also meant that I couldn't eat anything until after the tests. I went home, and slept until 1:20. Roger went with me again, so that I wasn't lonely for the 2 hours that I'd be there. We went in, and the lab tech poked my left arm to take like 7 or 8 vials of my blood. I need to mention here, that I *abhor* needles, and I get very very nervous. Then he had me drink this orange drink that was really sweet and tasted like koolaide. He said, "Here you go ::hands me the bottle::, you have under two minutes to drink the whole thing, so better get started." Ha! I guzzled it down in like 30 seconds! The look on his face was pretty funny, like he doesn't see that kind-of guzzling from girls and he was impressed. Then he told me to wait for an hour, out in the waiting room, and come back to be poked again.

Roger and I waited the hour, and went back in. He took one vial of blood, but this time he had to dig a little, and it hurt more. It started to bruise and swell a little afterwards. So then we had to wait another hour, to go and be poked again. This time, he asked if I wanted to use the my right arm. I said okay...big mistake. He poked, wiggled around a little, poked again, wiggled around a little, then cursed under his breath. He told me that those veins were rolling too much, and then gave me two options, "I can poke this one that I know is a strong vein, but it will definitely hurt, Or, I can keep trying on this one." I just looked at him pitifully, and he said, "I'll just go with what my head tells me to do." So then he pokes in a different place, and the same thing happens. By this time, I'm sweating all over, really clammy and pale. He got worried about me, told me to lay back and cool down. He got someone to bring me a cool cloth and a cup of water. After I cooled down and sipped the water, he tried my left arm again. He told me it would be sore, and bruise but at least we got the blood from it. He profusely apologized, and told me that he's never had to poke twice. I told him from the start that I always have troubles giving blood because of rolling veins and other stuff, plus I hadn't eaten or drank anything because they told me to fast. So I was probably a little dehydrated, because it was now after 4:00 p.m.

So, Roger took me to dinner sometime after 5 p.m. and I finally got to eat! We went to Golden Corral, and it was really good. I was feeling weak and really tired, so we went home afterwards. My left arm is a little swollen, sore and it definately bruised, but my right arm is just sore not bruised. The doctor wants to see me again in 2 weeks. Hopefully we can get me figured out and straightened out.


Blogger Dawn said...

It'll all work out. Just think positively -- I am well and healthy. Picture very clearly in your mind the cysts shrinking and disappearing.

Don't look at me like that. It works! ::grin::

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